Error after buy a game

I found an error on try link steam account.

  1. I was try login in launcher.
  2. It redirect me to link page.
  3. I enter in steam, and FAF says me that i havnt game on my steam account(is right, i was think thats can play whitout original game)
  4. after this just leave from my computer on 2-3 hours, and buy game at steam.
  5. return in launcher and try login again, it redirect me on link page, i press "link" and thats i saw.

To resolve this, i found solution, just make relog on FAF site.

If thats wrong topic, sorry im new here 🙂

Yeah the error is pretty bad, doesn't tell you how to solve it. I think it was planned to change it, but it hasn't happened yet apparently...
At least you found a solution yourself.

I asked him to report this. He suspected that token lifetime is somehow tied to time when you log in.... not sure if that is what supposed to happen.
I was hoping we could find what is causing this error and make that it appears less often

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log out log in do it again


This bug is sooooo old but nobody knows why it happens