Dual screen causes mouse pointer to disappear

I recently bought a second monitor, and after that the mouse pointer disappeared from the lobby and the game. Downlord's client works superb.

I got:
Windows 8.1
GeForce RTX 2070
First monitor is a 1440 one with G-sync.
Second monitor, recently added, is a "4k" without G-sync.

I've been looking in NVIDIA controll panel and windows' control panel, but I don't even know what I'm looking for.

Please send Technical Support Commander for help!

Don't use the built-in dual monitor support of the game, use windowed mode and one of the UI mods instead.

  • I don't have dual monitor for SupCom enabled.

  • Disabling one monitor in NVIDIA control panel does not help; the mouse pointer is still AWOL.


Thanks for reply!

In the in-game menu under video:
Primary adapter is windowed
Secondary adapter is disabled

Which UI mod(s) should I try? (I assume they're available in Downloard's client, under vault, mods?

After you open the mod vault:

  1. look for: "common mod tools" , download that.
  2. look for "UI Party" , download that

Enable both mods and start a game.
When you are in game there will be an extra menu belonging to the UI Party mod (black rectangle with "ui party"), open the menu and you will find the settings.
There are three different settings you can change for dual screens:

  1. Construction to the left (yes or no)
  2. Avatars to the right (yes or no)
  3. Main menu to the right (yes or no)

The UI Party mod offers way more functionality but if you dont want to use other functions you can turn everything on/off at any moment. Just make sure you have both "UI Party" and "Common Mod Tools". The first needs the second.

@Stealth9 : Thank you for your input.

I wasn't able to open the UI party menu, though, as I have no visual on my mouse pointer.

My problem is that after I added a second physical monitor to my computer, I can't see my mouse pointer in lobby or in game. Which make starting a game a chore, open a menu like Party UI a nightmare and playing the game impossible.

I'll have a look at Party UI once/if I get my mousepointer back, though! 🙂 Thanks again!

right, I just focused on the dual monitor suggestion from giebmasse.

Maybe it's a problem with the "lock fullscreen cursor to window" option?

You could try to get your cursor back by

  1. first starting in single screen (second screen disconnected).
  2. enable windowed mode
  3. have a look in the settings menu to find "lock fullscreen cursor to window" option (probably under video or interface tab) and mess around
  4. enable mods i mentioned earlier

If this works, close the game. connect the second screen and start another game to see if the cursor dissapears.
If it is still there you can then use the ui party settings to change the layout of menus across the screens.

@Stealth9 :

Thanks a lot!

The cursor returns if I set it to 'windowed'. And it disappears if I try to set it to fixed resolution.

But I can play with one monitor, and that's fine. The border I can tolerate, but there's a few issues., like no building animation for my ACU / engineers.

But that's something else, I suppose. I can play the game now and try to solve those other issues myself, perhaps open a new ticket if I can't do it myself.

Thanks a lot, Stealth9 and Giebmasse! 🙂

Kill the Magnifier, it makes the cursor disappear in FAF. Took me a while to find that out..

@jcvjcvjcvjcv said in Dual screen causes mouse pointer to disappear:

Kill the Magnifier, it makes the cursor disappear in FAF. Took me a while to find that out..

That was it!

I set Windows element size to 100% and now my mouse pointer works in FA!

(What's weird is that 150% is "standard" in Windows 8.1)

Much ♥ ♥ ♥ to my saviour! (^__^)

Just the scaling? You didn't have the magnifier running? That is a separate program. I use it to invert colors during the night.

The default 150% is crazy yeah. It makes everything fuzzy.

  • Enable vertical sync (on/off) in the game's settings
  • Run the game, open the game's console and issue command: d3d_WindowsCursor (you can automate this with the console++ mod)

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