New Balance Councilor


Hello everyone, today I'm announcing my resignation as balance councilor. I took on the role following Zock's resignation in February 2017 and formed a new team to work on FAF balance. With a lot of help from that team we released eight balance patches in that time with changes covering most areas of the game. I want to thank the following people for their work and support: Zock, Brutus5000, Petric, keyser, Exotic_Retard, PhilipJFry, Strogo, Mephi, Turin, Farms, Zlo, Icedreamer, Sheeo, all council members past and present and anyone who may have slipped my mind in the moment.

The balance team currently consists of the following five players; myself, Petric, keyser, Turin and Farms. Petric was unanimously selected as the new Balance Councilor with the approval of the Council of Setons. I will remain on the team as a regular member.


Thanks again for what you have done and especially for handling that role which have quite a lot of responsibilities and relies on making decision on topic that are often controversial.

I would like to thank you and the balance team for all the work you guys did over the past 3 years, it pushed FAF balance into the right direction making it healthier, more diverse and competitive.

The king is dead, long live the king

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This post is deleted!

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i for one welcome our new overlords
new patch seems like a lot of fun, too. should be interesting.