Team Matchmaker beta release NOW AVAILABLE!

I really don't understand why people keep complaining about the Timers, given how many players are searching at the same time the 3 minute intervals are very reasonable, you don't want to match players as soon as a match that's game quality is good enough because then you may end up in a situation where you could have gotten 2 2v2 matches if you waited and instead you match teams ASAP and get only 1 match that is less balanced (other two teams that joined queue later are too far apart from each other but they could match with 1 of teams that got matched together). The only problem is the amount of players that are searching and it should be fixed with full release.

if you are replying to me, i wasnt complaining. i was saying that my favourite thing is the timer + queue count

however after that I realised/wondered if it includes the Unmatchable queue count which seems like a bad idea. why show me a full queue when i cant match with them? (if that is the case)

that is the case I think

IMO it should be like the old ui, where you could see the rating of people who are currently searching. ui.png

@nine2 Sometimes one of the queues doesn't show up when you launch the client. (Sometimes it's 1v1, other times it's TMM. Maybe it's even possible to have both queues not show up.) If that happens, close it and refaf.

@archsimkat That has benefits and drawbacks. At the highest levels, you would basically know by name who was even searching, which would allow people to game the system.

Or a person could see if the other person searching is 1300 or 900 or -200, and that might affect their decision of whether to search.

Btw, the bug with the queues happens more the longer you wait to switch to the play tab after starting the client. So switching immediately or even setting the start tab to it should help until we release the next version that has the bug fixed.

The RC of the next client is available here This also includes TMM

@Sheikah I changed the link in the post

The next version of the client which includes tmm has now been released. Please note that if you are running the beta client you will not get a notification to update your client and must do so manually.

This post is deleted!

Certain TMM matches are not saving to the replay vault. They aren't even in my local replays folder.

Yep, played a game yesterday that was not in the vault nor in my local replays.

Can we have more maps? Isis, Forbiden Pass, Open palms, Isis, Forbiden Pass, Open palms, Isis, Forbiden Pass, Open palms, Isis, Forbiden Pass, Open palms, Isis, Forbiden Pass, Open palms...

I mean they're actually good picks for 2v2 but anything good after too many times becomes too repetitive.

I want some map generator! šŸ˜„

Map pools change at the start of months.

found the first person that likes forbidden pass

@TheWheelie what? it's not that bad.

Guess there is a problem with the new map pool. FtX thread specified maps available depending on the level of the players. It says Canis should be available for 1800+.
We got a canis game (#13778944), and none of the players was 1800, global or ladder. The system might count the cumulated rating of the two players ?

The new pool didn't go active. Looks like there was some miscommunication with Archsimkat on how to maintain the google doc for the pool list.

Should be fixed now.

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