SACU Rebalance

In the process of keeping the community up-to-date on what The Balance team is working on we are currently in the process of reworking how all the SACU work you can see the process and the decision is made via a collection of Github Pull requests.

Be mindful that they are all still subject to change.

Please try and provide feedback either here or via the Github Pull Requests.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

I am concerned about the complete removal of Seras personal shield, or more spesifically the 20k drop in max effective health that would give telesacus, that is a very significant nerf to one of the signiture strategies of lategame Sera. Are there any plans to compensate for this?

@elusive Nano is geting a Addtional HP Buff

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

What does damage aura mean for cybran SACU?

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@rowey i only care for novax rework, nerf it down!!!!

@ctrl-k Ill Provide Description on the pr

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

@noble_ice i will make a Post regarding that once we have more concrete decision on the SACU changes

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

@rowey thanks, why isn't there a laser or torpedo option on the cybran sacu enchancment?

@noble_ice they are getting a new damage arua

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

UEF changes seem fine, would have to see it play out. The Aeon SACU Chrono idea is going to be like walking a tightrope, it could be overpowered or bad. The Cybran changes are kinda odd, damage aura? The Seraphim could be very interesting, if the regen aura gives more total HP as well, it could be amazing for army escorts but the loss of shield makes them less competent lone actors.

I like the idea of using SACUs as single actors or small strike teams, but is the purpose of the changes to make SACUs become support units to be mixed into armies, or escorts for experimentals? If so, I'd say remove sensors on the UEF SACU and replace it with mobile tac defense. A stealth field generator for Cybran. I'd love to see/know what the values are on the Aeon sensors and Seraphim regen aura.

@Rowey For the SACU sera ''regen field'' would it stack with the ACU regent field? How would these 2 interact?

*UEF looks good, I think moving jamming to right arm is fair

*For aeon, What was the reason of switching Ras and Rapid fabricator positions? It looks like (from my view) like nothing significant has changed with that switch

@karl_marx the Sera regen field would stack with multiple sacus

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

@rowey mother of christ b12c66e9-9164-44ad-87f3-c0db21c3ea90-image.png

Many of proposed changes lack any explanantion. Out of descriptions we have some are just factually wrong.

it makes no sense to have a powerfull shield option and powerfull nano option, it's one of the 2 (like with normal acu's)

It's not like with normal ACU at all, the only normal ACU that has both nano and shield options is UEF ACU. It has those options in different slots. You can have both and it doesn't bother anyone

Why lower basic SACU stats? Now a basic SACU cannot even kill 3-4 harbs, which would make it useless until it gets all expensive battle upgrades. Which are at later stage of the game. It would be nice to see SACU as an option against early T3 spam, however these changes moving in completely opposing direction.

Why nerf aeon shield and remove sera shield? They were never OP, especially aeon one. With these stats it's impossible to absorb damage from spider even if you put more mass in SACU than a spider's cost. @rowey Additional 4k hp of nano cannot compensate losing 20k hp shield. Same with Aeon heavy shield.

Regen aura may be interesting

I would not like to get an update that makes battle SACUs worse than we have already, even now they're rare to see

@sainserow said in SACU Rebalance:

Why lower basic SACU stats? Now a basic SACU cannot even kill 3-4 harbs

A basic SACU is also 2100 mass vs the ~850 or whatever a harb is. So mass for mass, a base SACU probably shouldn't be able to kill even 3 harbs. Especially considering the SACU is also a t3 engineer that gives mass and energy.

If the base stats go down, lower the cost too. You can add that cost to the RAS upgrade. That way RAS SACU's cost the same but come with the nerfed stats and combat SACU's become easier to get.

As for new allocation on Cybran SACU, I think RAS should be on BACK and AA on same arm as stun gun.

@exselsior Sorry for miscommunication. 3 habs do kill 1 SACU even now (i've picked aeon for the test). Currently sacu have 15k hp and 300 dps. If we drop it to 11.5k and 100 dps, 1 harb will kill 1 sacu! 11500 hp / 320 dps = 35 secs for harb to kill sacu while SACU would need 46 secs to kill 1 harb. And that's not even mentioning range reduction, which will allow harbs to outrange sacu completely.

1 harb will kill 1 sacu, not even brick or persie.

As for mass efficiency in general, don't forget the cost of quantum gates. In order to build SACU you need both T3 HQ and Quantum gates, it adds to the cost too. And SACU have high build power cost (compared to T3 support)

I don't really get the idea behind reducing base stats but increasing upgrade stats. No one even builds unupgraded sACUS and now there's even less of an incentive to do so. Overall, these are the changes to rambo presets i surmised:

  • UEF: 1.23x health reduction, 1.25x regen reduction, 1.25x damage increase, personal shield from 0 to 6500? not sure what this means
  • Aeon: damage unchanged, range is reduced 1.2x, HP (with upgrades) increased 1.07x., regen reduced. Looks like more of a nerf than a buff, unless chrono outperforms the shield significantly
  • Seraphim: hp pretty much unchanged, damage unchanged, regen reduced, but gets a regen field upgrade which stacks which is sick
  • Cybran hp unchanged, damage unchanged, regen reduced, but gets a damage area of which i really like the concept

Overall it looks like this isn't a buff to rambo sACUS. I understand this is a rework, but they will still die easily to T4s meaning they won't be very viable, except for aeon and seraphim being able to function as support units with chrono and regen field. UEF & Aeon rambo shield presets will still not be great. I like that the quantum gateway is made cheaper and I like the new upgrades they can get but I feel like they will function as support units at most and factions that can't get good support upgrades would rather not build sACUS at all (uef lol)

So I'm wondering what the idea is? Are they being reworked into support units, or kind of a T3.5 stage? If the goal is to make them support units I think UEF should be given something unique to help them fulfill that role (jamming is essentially useless, could just put 2 sparkies in ur army if u really wanted that effect)
If the goal is to make them T3.5 units then they should receive overall stat buffs to help them contend with T4s more, because as the game currently stands a T3 army performs better than a group of sACUS.

Why does UEF have a Sheild?! wtf is that?!

This post is deleted!