Nvidia driver performance problem

For the life of me, I cannot find the 'nvidiafix' mod.

@shultz13 try "Nvidia fix"

@shultz13 said in Nvidia driver performance problem:

For the life of me, I cannot find the 'nvidiafix' mod.

If you have the most recent version of the client (should be version 1.4) there is a tab called "mods"

If you have an older version of the client, you need to click on "vault" and then click on "mods"

That takes you to the mod vault.

There should be a section called "Recommended UI Mods." The NVidia Fix mod is in that section, it looks like #7.

You can also search for the mod by name. Search for the word "Nvidia" and it will come up. Just search for all mods with "Nvidia" in the name (using the search tools) and it will come up.

The exact name of the mod is "Nvidia fix" (two separate words).

Does anyone have a non-FAF version of the nvidia fix mod for both FA and vanilla SupCom? I've just reinstalled the games to play through the campaigns and it's impossible to play with this bug.

@ShEsHy Have you tried the FAF Nvidia Fix mod with other versions of Supreme Commander? I think it would work with them. All it does is put a single console command in at the start of every match. That probably is 100% compatible with other flavors of SupCom.

You can also enter the console command yourself, just press ` (tilde key) to open the console, then type it in. The command is:


You only have to do that one time per match. But you have to do it every time, which is why the mod is more convenient, because it does it for you.

I don't have FAF installed, that's why I asked for non-FAF versions (don't think FAF even works on vanilla SupCom). I just reinstalled SupCom and FA to replay the campaigns, and like you said, having to keep re-entering the console command gets annoying (thanks for the command BTW, would've uninstalled the games if it were impossible to fix).

Yeah, the mod has gone from a necessity to a QoL thing :).

The same issue exists on a Surface Pro 7 with the Intel built in graphics. The fix is the same to use the d3d_WindowsCursor console command.

@GreenKn1ght You saved my life ā™„

I've tried much of the solutions above, only fix I've found is either dropping mouse polling rate to ~125hz or installing an older driver (I'm using 457.51)
I do want to update this to say that the newest driver (461.72, released today) still causes this issue. Just finished testing it out in a private match, without any additional people. In fact, I think it's actually gotten worse with the latest update. Gonna be reinstalling the old drivers again.

I wonder if nvidia is even aware of this problem... I mean its 3 months now...

@Bhaal and if they were, then what?

This is a 14 year old game, and an abandonware at that, I think it's well outside the scope of support. We need to fix these things ourselves, unfortunately.

Because its not just us, every GPG Game is suffering, and even more recent titles.

Iā€™m a shitty 1k Global. Any balance or gameplay suggestions should be understood or taken as such.

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Update, the devs will incorporate the NVidia fix in the next game patch. In the meantime use the "Nvidia fix" UI Mod - found in the mod vault.

@IpsilonX The old driver from november works.

@Skha I've been using the one from Dec 2nd (457.51) with little issue (if you move the mouse a LOT for a while it'll start to hiccup, but that's about it)
Gonna be testing the one that came out on March 16th and will update it here.

Update: Still causes issues. Have decided to change the polling rate to 125, as that seems to completely resolve the stuttering without having to change the driver again

Well well, isn't that a surprise ^^

Was just about to mention I've never had any nvidia driver problems untill yesterday, which was weird as I've been using that driver for several weeks without problems as well. No idea how it suddenly, without any sort of update, caused sound issues in the game and even in the lobby. Just reverted back to driver version 457.09 using the driver's "clean install" function which fixed everything for now.

Still good to see it's getting solved the proper way.
I'll keep this driver install as backup though šŸ˜‰

NVidia released a new driver (466.11) on April 14 which they claim fixes the supcom stuttering issue:

[Supreme Commander/Supreme Commander 2]: The games experience low FPS. [3231218/


However we are getting mixed reports from players about its effectiveness.

If you upgrade the driver and turn off the ui fix mod, do you still get an issue?

Don't forget:

Laticlave has helpfully made a UI mod titled "Nvidia fix" to correct the driver issue until we can get a proper patch out. Feel free to download it from the vault!

I updated the NVidia new driver (466.11) and removed the ui mod nvidiafix. I did not find any problems.

Latest Nvidia driver installed and mod removed. So far so good after one game, no issues at all.