Fatboy Veterancy

We know fatboys are made of cellotape, cardboard and paper mache, but at least give them some decent HP bonus with attaining veterancy.

A fatboy with no veterancy has 12,500 hp
A fatboy with full 5 star veterancy has 18,500 hp.


That seems very underwhelming and weak when you compare the full veterancy attained for any other experimental land unit.

I understand it's based on it's base HP, and given the majority of a fatboy's health comes from it's shield, perhaps apply the veterancy to the shield instead of hp, or a combination of the 2?

If it should apply to fatboy shield, it should apply to all shields because inconsistencies are confusing

Can an exception not be made given it is an experimental unit, but I tend to agree about being consistent.

The hp should just get buffed then or at least vet buff on hp

Do keep in mind, it's a factory, not a super-hardened main battle tank. What you might wish to advocate for is a non-factory version of the Fatboy - with compensations based on the removal of the factory. The Wyvern Battlepack did something along this line, introducing the 'Wyvern Fatboy', which essentially removed the factory - and replaced it with a sizable artillery calibre weapon - but you get the idea.

Tempest and czars are also factory's, but do suffer from the same manufacturing inadequacies.

Granted Aeon technology is far superior to UEF's, and are likely utilising materials and engineering not yet discovered by the UEF. But for the purpose of this game and "balance", I do think they should get a HP boost.

There is also the Fatboy MK II, I'm not sure how it compares to the Wyvern. Both are certainly far stronger than the base unit Fatboy

The Fatboy II, at least in the incarnations I have seen, looks 'toyish' as do many SC2 units - and, just as most mod T4's - really overpowering.

The Wyvern Fatboy, likewise, in it's native form, is also largely overpowering.

I like @Deribus's solution of vet also giving HP proportional to the personal shield HP.

It's a simple, mildly consistent solution that avoids the issues of how to deal with shield recharge/shield regen and you can even ignore (S)ACU shield upgrades since they don't come with the unit by default and are already balanced with vet HP.

One of my original suggestions was to swap the base unit HP with the shield HP.

  • Current: 12,500 Base HP and 20,000 shield HP.
  • Suggested: 20,000 Base HP and 12,5000 shield HP.

One of the benefits I mentioned was in reference to the veterancy system.
In two main ways:

In HP per vet:

  • Current: 1,250 HP earned per level.
  • Suggested: 2,000 HP earned per level.

As well as Max HP after a full vet:

  • Current: 12,500 Base HP to 18,500 Max HP.
  • Suggested: 20,000 Base HP to 30,000 Max HP.

This change has the benefit of a larger health pool in the long run, without altering the unit HP in the short run.

(It also affected the HP of the wreck. Arbitrary damage wouldn't destroy as much mass value.)

Though some argued that a 'siege' unit shouldn't have that much HP.
IE: Sniper Bots, Mobile Arty, etc.
Anything with range usually has a smaller heath pool as a drawback.

And so, my last suggestion on my 2nd Fatboy post was to even out the numbers instead.
The change suggested then was 15,000 HP on both the unit and shield.

Again, increasing the base unit HP for a tad more veterancy potential.
(Albeit, this last suggestion also had some shield modifications, as well.)

Though both suggestions I made had a modicum of support, nothing ever came of them.

I would still like to see if anything could come to fruition. 🙂

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i don't think that small gains from veteranicy is the main problem with fatboy
if it feels to weak then would be nice to just buff it
maybe add more shield HP
i mean... i just like the idea that you can go under shield to damage fatboy
or use shield to protect other things
or kill power to stop shield from working
or use shield disruptor
or use TML cause hitting the shield is easier
i like that it kinda makes it weaker vs t2 arty cause it is easier to hit shield
i'd like to keep all those things but if unit is to weak cause of them then can just buff it

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