The End of FAF

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No most of these reports come from when a medium ranked player gets in the lobby ie some 1500 and doesn't know the rules of 2k lobbies. They are also the most likely ones to not know the game is over and refuse to recall. I'm also getting tired of moderators claiming how the 2k community works when not a single moderator is a part of it.

So angel has access to this information and stated that it is the way he said it, yet you without that information say angel is wrong. What are you saying, that angel is not able to read or angel is deliberately misleading us when saying what he said about these high players being tilted when the game didn't go the way they wanted?

I like many others have noticed this for years, across many balance teams, that when games don't go ways certain people (who have way more influence than they should have) want, the game gets changed to the detriment of all other players. Hence people stop playing and then the group who is responsible for kneecapping the community go blame everyone else, but never do they once point the finger at themselves...

What is the definition of toxicity these days?

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Tell me evildrew what statistics did he show?what numbers did he present to prove his point? I'm making stuff up lmao.

@thewreck said in The End of FAF:

Tell me evildrew what statistics did he show?what numbers did he present to prove his point? I'm making stuff up lmao.

He is making a statement based on non public material information. As you hopefully know he cannot disclose who posted what exactly when he is generalizing when eluding to it happening.
What he told you is that he has seen the players who you said never report each other report each other.
I do not see what statistics or numbers you would want to see from angel. You said that group never reports each other, he said he has seen it happen. So lets say greater or equal to 1 then to put it in numbers. So if angel has seen it happen at least once, I consider it disproving you point.

If you are not making stuff up, then tell us why is it that you know that most people reporting base ctrl k are 1500. Do you have access to the moderation reports, are you compiling statistics? I presume not since what you say and angel contradicts each other and he has an official moderation team tag and you have, well nothing relevant on display that would make you more credible than angel on this matter...

After playing this game off/on for 10 years I remember peak faf time only having about 700-800 players so there being around 1k always makes me happy to see. Games are less diverse and there is a lack strong ladder warriors compared to back in the day.

I disagree with the statement, " almost solely because of selfish moderation."

If FAF is dying and in decline as you posit, I think it's attributable to the dyer connectivity problems and recent insane game lagging by way of drastic FPS loss players are facing.

I for one, having frequented this game like a crackhead in crackden, am becoming pretty tired and fed up not being able to fully satiate my addiction.

I cannot remember the last time I had a full uninterrupted game where someone didn't disconnect or I myself did not lose connection to a player. It is impossible nowadays to have a full smooth game with 0 disconnects.

how do you know if you got banned? chat is down for me after i made a joke about bidencide. it was clearly a joke is chat up? am i banned? or does that mean from faf entirely?

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This post is deleted!

@futureman If you are banned, you will not be able to login to the FAF launcher. It'll instead show you a distinct message which includes the reason for your ban, for which replay that ban was applied, and for how long the ban will last.

Seems like you have unrelated chat issues, check in the discord for someone that can help you fix.

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