Double Allied Tournament 2v2

Double Allied Tournament is a 2v2 tournament

Tournament Format:

  • Games are played between teams of 2
  • Combined global rating cap for each team is 3600
  • Tournament played in 2 stages
  • Stage 1 - best of one
  • Stage 2 (after 7 or less teams remained) - round robin


  • 1st June 14:00 UTC


  • Avatars for 4 best performers (3 custom avatars & 1 standard (any faction standard icon avatar))
    1st place
    2nd place
    3rd place
  • Update: 50$ USD for the best team


  • Sign up here in pairs or single. Write your FAF nickname and global rating. Registration ends on 31th May 00:00 UTC.

In-game rules:

  • Common control - multiple armies, union control
  • Share conditions - partial share

In-games rules set

Short description:
If one of commanders dies, the player can switch via Alt+F2 to his ally and continue to help his ally. Alt+F2 won't allow do anything besides it (won't allow giving yourself Paragon or Mavor). So if one of teamates dies, both player will control all the units they have. For example, one can play land and other play air to divide responsibilities.

It essentially eliminates APM penalty for a commander's death. In order to compensate it, full share is changed to partial share. Partial share works as full share except it doesn't share military units, only buildings and engineers.

List of registered participants:

  • I. Karateka + vena202020
  • II. Neytron + Explosive
  • III. FFF + LoliChan
  • IV. FTX + TheWheelie
  • V. Tryth + Derp
  • VI. archsimkat + Babel
  • VII. Pivnishko + YURICH
  • VIII. Wifi_ + attakator
  • IX. Pavor- + Nyx-
  • X. TheVVheelie + ActiveBackIash Strydxr
  • XI. White_Owl + LimeZ3_
  • XII. Deli + Toka

Registration has finished. Tournament table posted here.

Remember to enable "partial share" & "multiple armies, union control" settings. Map list:
1. Single elimination: Miracle, slots 3,4,6,7
2. RR round 1: Desert Arena - FAF version, slots 1,2,5,6
3. RR round 2: Adaptive Project Dust, slots 3,4,5,6
4. RR round 3: Wonder open 5v5 v3b, slots 5,6,7,8
4. RR round 4: Sands of Ablicka 5v5, slots 1,2,4,9
4. RR round 5: Corinas hourglass, slots 1,2,5,6

Note regarding adaptive maps: don't disable mexes, set "closed - spawn mexes" for unused slots in the lobby.
Project Dust settings
About draws:

  • Draw is death of all commanders or signed through diplomacy.
  • If draw occured in stage 1, game should be replayed until achieving the decisive result.
  • If draw occured in stage 2, both teams receive half a point.

About tie breaks:

  • They are likely to occur after finishing stage 2, info on them be added during tournament based on participants' results.

If you have any additional questions before or during the tournament, PM me in Discord @sainse.row

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Nice to see my maps being used in the pool! Looking at the other maps though, I don't recognize 'Project Spariate'. Doesn't seem to exist in the vault either, and it's not one of mine (all my maps start with 'Project'). Typo?

"Design is an iterative process. The required number of iterations is one more than the number you have currently done. This is true at any point in time."

See all my projects:

@indexlibrorum Typo. Fixed, thanks for bringing attention.

Karateka 1800 + ddos_attack 1600

“I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.” — Spock 🖖

Neytron 1700 + 1600 Explosive

Deli signing up 1900

sign up ftx 1800 + auto 1800

Sign up Tryth 2100 + Derp 1400

Sign up archsimkat 2100 + Babel 1500

Sign up banani 2300 + yurich 1300

Sign up Swatoslav 2200 + Cunningfox 1400

Sign up Wifi_ (2200) + attakator (1400)

@swatoslav said in Double Allied Tournament 2v2:

Sign up Swatoslav 2200 + Cunningfox 1400

not actual anymore

@sainserow is rating caped for anyone above 2.3k like usual?

Sing me up 2500 global pavor-

Sign me and Nyx- up together. I believe he is 1200.

How are you supposed to even get to stage 2 when it’s impossible for a bracket to end with an odd number of teams

@ftxcommando If number of teams is odd, the 3 highest rated teams will play initial round robin of 3 teams between them to make the number of teams odd. Let’s say 13 teams -> 3 in RR (2 games) + 10 BO1 -> 1+5=6 winners in stage 2.

If any RR ends with 2 teams having an equal score, they play a tie break.