CPU %100 at lobby screen


yo why is this a thing?
24 cores and a game with a fucked lobby
when is this shit getting fixed
minimizing the game sets the cpu to %8
been a problem since https://github.com/FAForever/downlords-faf-client/releases/tag/v2023.12.2

@crowbarstrong To help with troubleshooting your issues, I'd suggest that you go to the FAF client > top left menu > Settings:

  1. General > Write ICE Log File > check
  2. (Windows only) Forged Alliance Forever > Use FAF Debugger when starting Forged Alliance > check > click "Get the latest version of the debugger"
  3. Allow the ICE adapter to use IPv6 > unchecked
  4. Preferred Coturns for ICE > select only Global

Next, quit the client (check Task Manager). Once it's completely closed, open the client again & play.

The next time you join a game & have issues, please click the Reply button at the bottom between the 👁 (View) icon & the "Mark unread" button. Next, go to client > top left menu > Show logs folder > logs > sort by Date Modified, then drag/drop these files into the Reply message window so those that can help (not me) have that data to look at:

  1. client.log file (the Text Document file without the date)
  2. ice-adapter.log & advanced-ice-adapter.log (both in a separate folder)
  3. if the game actually launched, then also include the latest game_2xxxxxxx.log file

The arbiters logs.zip logs.zip
these are a bunch of logs
all my friends have this same issue
happy to help in any way, whole community has been complaining about this since last year. its been only cpu issues.

@crowbarstrong said in CPU %100 at lobby screen:

whole community has been complaining about this since last year. its


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TMK There are a few players who reported occasionally, but since quite some time that 1–2 CPU cores have 100% workload, which is caused/related to the ICE-Adapter.

People who have only 2–4 cores (In 2024 cough ...) are in a real disadvantage here, because their whole system is hogged, when you don't have 8–32 cores.

The developers are aware of it, but the whole ICE-adapter is a very complex beast, and it takes some time to figure everything out. The recent DDoS attack made things probably not easier.

If I am not wrong, they are refactoring the whole ICE-adapter by ground, and the official repo is still being worked on regularly here.

The last official update can be read here and if you have no idea what the ICE-adapter is, you can read the following thread.

@magge thankyou for the reply
if you need resources discord has many people who do not use the forum that love the concept of this game.