Hidden Pearl Tournament


1st place - round of applause + $100 Castle_TOP_1.webp the great dog in de hub
2nd place - round of applause + $50
Castle_TOP_2.webp dogless house - tree
3rd place - round of applause
Castle_TOP_3.webp houseless-doogless - tree
4-rd place - dogless houseless treesless avaless 4-place mark-less



Because I got so many community likes, I'am doing a second one great guessing

Hidden Pearls 1-6:

  1. 0ae399d6-a0ce-4e47-9dbb-b35c381d0744-hidden_pearl_ava_4.webp Fox are turning head 180 degrees to butterfly at the empty bookshelf(Arent she is stupid and can do it true the left? - Yes.)

  2. abbbbf40-d711-46c4-9aa1-a8de9f097836-hidden_pearl_ava_5.webp The dog (Mark of dog is anglosexson bulldog or maybe some russian word "mops") closed his eyes while tasty aroma of orange? - Thats is carrot?)

  3. 34811550-ff13-40c9-b7f4-1079d235ba81-hidden_pearl_ava_6.webp Two dogs, looks like white is older, so it is male or maybe female. 1-Male = His gf are cheating on him, eat this small puppy. 2.-Women, seems like this dog is black, so hes are was from a black dog, is there any single moms with a trailer at the tourney?

  4. a6eb2f92-7411-4717-baf1-8c148edf1d06-hidden_pearl_ava_7.webp So sad for the squidward, that time spongebomb did the good door->face crack

  5. c0d43fb7-6c2e-4527-92d2-9ee281a2fe22-hidden_pearl_ava_8.webp Its a Nuke Bomb, looks like you need completly send teammate to die to finally get useable mexes. Maybe is it a frog.

  6. 46892a20-6be5-4cc9-91bd-bee16c36c2e5-hidden_pearl_ava_9.webp Some anime-plague, looks like you need to burn some.. ehm.. ehm.. or heal.


2. is a capybara btw
3. that is a cat on top of a cat skull
4. its a sick cat
5. its a frog
6. no comments

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Sign up - Popiska 2600

Sign up Skrat 1700 + Finisterre 1400

Sorry for my English. I use translator

SignUp TriPivaZ_ (1800)

Make t3 mex, not war

We improved our Hidden Pearls for quality reasons.

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Sign me up TheCodemander (1400/1500?)

Sign up - IncredibleEgor 1300

Same as swatoslav, can only play on 7th and following weekends if that somehow works id like to sign up

I can only play 7, 13, 14 april as well

signing up with Cyphrr, but only april 13th-14th

SleepPride(1400) and Zvetok (1400) april 13th-14th

sign up with Swatoslav,Volkh-Peruna 991 рейтинг

The Tourney will be held on the 7th of April, if we dont finish it in one day, the semifinals and finals will be held on the 13th of April. Teams formed from single sign-ups are:
EgO (1500) and Hemfast (1400)
SainseRow (1300) and Katsu (1300)
TheCodemander (1400) and IncredibleEgor (1300)
Aranei (1900) and Wuka (1300)
TriPivaZ_ (2000) and Tele4erep (1000)

Challoge is final, you may start submitting forecasts


exact positions on the maps will be posted today evening

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Keep in mind registration is not closed and challonge might be changed, you will be given an opportunity to change your forecast if the change would be made to the bracket

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

How am I a 2000 LOL

Make t3 mex, not war

@tripivaz_ Your 4v4 rating is 2k, unfortunately, no exceptions, everyone are under same conditions

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Sign up White_Owl and Cast_Away