Why is the FAF client so flaky?

So, probably 2-3 times now in the past week or so the FAF client has just completely crashed and shut down.

when I look at the log files it seems to be some network error / connection dropped.

Hopefully the netcode is somewhat isolated to a few key areas of the app, and so I was thinking it'd probably be useful if the dev team could wrap this with some exception handling code to catch the error and perhaps post it to the dev team, so that we can see what the crash is.

It'd be great if this then could be a step towards auto-reconnect.

I think right now we need some intel on why all the flakiness?

  • Is it peoples' home network equipment that is the root cause?
  • Is the FAF client generally flaky?

Happy to be wrong. Do we know what the main cause(s) of flakiness is?

@ginandtonicbot Please go to client > top left menu > Show logs folder > logs > sort by Date Modified. From there, drag/drop your client.log file (the Text Document file, not the .gz compressed files) into here so those that can help (not me) have that data to look at.

The client has been flaky lately (heh) because all of the architecture behind the client has been DDOS'ed the past weeks. The server admins have put in a lot of effort to combat this but in the end our resources are limited. It also doesn't help that Cloudflare (that we use for file distribution) has been a bit flaky too the past week.

All in all I think your experience matches with what is going on; luckily we're working on it and we've even recently made a major step towards stability and we'd love to hear your feedback on that

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