Please please please bring back the flags...

I have never once had an issue with ping due to where someone lived, only due to them having a bad connection. It's honestly good there are no flags right now so there's less discrimination based on supposed latency issues due to location which more or less isn't actually a thing since anything less than 500ms is fine. The exceptions should be person by person, not country by country.

With the new turn sever working and being tested on the alpha client this should improve connection

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@proteuzxl have you tried out the new ICE Adapter telemetry web UI? If the answer is no, here's what it does: it will show you the connection status, type and (most of the time) the pings of the players in the lobby, between each pair of players, not just to you. (pings below 500 do not affect the game at all).

I am suggesting this in the hope that more detailed information will grant you the control you want. It's better quality data: you have a chance see each connection that will matter in the game, for the specific players involved, and no longer have to rely only on some vague thing like "people from Emutopia lag".

To use it, check your system tray once you join a lobby for a faf icon titled FAForever Connection ICE Adapter, open it up and click the button labeled Show telemetry web UI.

If you want, you can go into settings, forged alliance forever, and enable "Show ICE adapter debug window", this will let you skip the first step above by automatically popping the window up for every game you join.


Ping to Australia from EU is always unplayable

@lucyme said in Please please please bring back the flags...:

Ping to Australia from EU is always unplayable

almost nothing is over 500ms (which is the ping required to play lag free).
So there is no country that is just unplayable when playing from the EU.
Unless a pair of players needs to use a coturn server and they choose/get a coturn that is quite far from both of their regions.
So when only the german coturn worked reliably (not sure if that is still the case) playing from Australia with an NA player through the eu coturn, would be very close to not working.

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@lucyme I'm in Yurp and never had problems playing with australians.