Mod Request: Improved prebuild option

This is a mod request in preparation for a 1v1 tourney where i want to use the prebuild option. There are 2 changes that i'd like to see in this mod:

  • Spawn in an additional 2 engineers to the current prebuild units
  • Make fac/pgen spawns more consistent. Most importantly make 2 same slot spawns spawn the exact same prebuild (for balance reasons). Right now some spawn in with adjacency and some do not.


We can look into that πŸ™‚

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what if, the first factory you placed was basically insta-built ( so build time/cost of 1 ) so you could still place it yourself for best adjacency

i was thinking one of the mods that have your ACU selected with a fac from the start, as you could have this be a modded version that you otherwise can't build in-game

@black_wriggler Sounds a lot like the 'factory token' mechanic in zero-k. πŸ™‚


You could do it with a special command mode that spawns a unit ala the cheat menu, and is otherwise inaccessible.

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i would like to add that messing with the storage values of resources could be a good idea. giving a full storage may incentivize an all-out cheese t2 air rush or some other weird thing.

people might like this, others might not, but it's nice to have the option there

In CnC for instance you can set initial funds for all players.

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