2023 Summer Invitational

Hello and welcome to the 2023 Summer Invitational Tournament! The annual Summer Invitational is a top level 1v1 tournament featuring a series of invited players and an open qualifier to find the top 16 players on FAF. For those who are not familiar, there will be series of invites sent out to previous tournament winners, and an open qualifier on September 23rd to fill the remainder of the slots. This is followed by a group stage on September 30th where the top 8 players will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket on October 7th - 8th whose winners will receive prizes and glory!

All tournaments will be casted on twitch.tv/faflive starting at 14:00 UTC.

What’s changed?
We will now be using the new combined Legend of the Stars points system for determining invites. There will now always be 12 players getting in through invites and 4 players getting in through the qualifier. Invites will be sent out to the top 12 players on that list and if any of the top 12 do not wish to participates, additional invites will be sent to the players next in line. In addition, the qualifier has gone back to being fully open to all players who wish to participate.

Would you like to contribute to the prize pool?
You can donate via Paypal to support this tournament.

Prize pool:
Donated via FAF.

• 1st: $175, Summer Invitational Champion Avatar, 16 LotS points
• 2nd: $100, Faction Face Avatar, 12 LotS points
• 3rd: $50, Faction Icon Avatar, 8 LotS points
• 4th: $25, 6 LotS points
• 5th-8th: 4 LotS points
• 9th-16th: 2 LotS points

Congratulations to Turbo2 for winning and taking first place.
Congratulations to Yudi taking 2nd place.
Congratulations to Zlo taking 3rd place.
Congratulations to Blast Chilled taking 4th place.

Avatars yet to be ensured they exists.

Note: residents of countries under sanction by the US, EU, or Germany may be ineligible to receive cash prizes.

The qualifier:
This is an open qualifier, all players are welcome to participate. It will be a double elimination tournament with BO1s and BO3s in the winner's bracket and BO1s in the loser's bracket. Maps will be selected by myself from a pool for each round. Players will be seeded by ladder rating at the time of signup.

The group stage:
This will consist of 4 groups of 4 players playing a round robin style tournament with the top 2 of each group advancing. Games will be BO3s. Groups will be chosen by a captains system. The players with the top 4 highest invitational points will act as captains taking turns picking the remaining 3 players in their groups. The player with the most points will get Group A and first pick. Group B captain will pick second with following picks made using a snake system.

Maps will be chosen by players from a pool of 11 using a veto/pick system with 2 vetoes each, players will make alternating vetoes and picks with loser seed vetoing first and higher seed picking first. For the last pick players will resume vetoing from the remaining maps until only one map remains with lower seed vetoing first. Faction veto will also be used.

The playoffs:
This is a single elimination tournament with all BO3 matches expect for the championship match which will be BO5. Maps are chosen by players in a pick/veto system from a pool of 15 with 3 vetoes each, players will make alternating vetoes and picks. Players advancing from the group stage can submit one map to the finals bracket map pool (subject to Tournament Director veto). For the last pick players will resume vetoing from the remaining maps until only one map remains with lower seed vetoing first. Faction veto will also be used. There first two rounds of the Playoffs will be played on Saturday and the 3rd place and championship match will be played on Sunday. The 3rd place match will start at 14:00 UTC and the championship match will follow it.

Accepted invites:


Ras Boi's save lives.

Sounds more like a Fall Invitational to me

Nah thats coming November time I think. Maybe October. Or we cut it this year and transfer prize pool from it into LOTS.

Ras Boi's save lives.

god war🍕

Tagada and Turin have both had to drop

Ras Boi's save lives.

Arch replacing Tagada

Ras Boi's save lives.