How do I know FAF has loaded/is working?


I think I've followed the instructions correctly. I run SC but there is no indication that it's FAF. I double click FAF Client and nothing happens.

Am I supposed to see a modified splash screen? Is there some other screen that is modified to know this has been setup correctly and is working?



I've had issues when starting my system up from sleep, double clicking the FAF Client, and nothing happens. Restarting has always fixed.

Once you launch the FAF Client, you will be taken to the FAF Lobby, where you can chat with other players and find games.

Launching SC just launched the normal SC program. You can launch the FAF version of Supreme Commander via a hidden file. This would be for offline play only.


@mydogbrandie The FaF client should look like this:


@Rama : It sounds like maybe the Faf process isn't getting closed properly. Instead of a restart, you might be able to just open task manager (ctrl+shift+escape, in windows) and 'end task' the 'faf-client.exe'.
(Sorry if this was obvious / patronising. I know you probably already know this, it was a 'just in case')