1v1 Map pool is horrible.

Why am I stuck playing 1v1 on Canis River against an aeon opponent half the time? Dont mind small maps, but damn is it frustrating. The map is split in half with water an acu cant even hide in. The hell am I supposed to do against aurora? Along with Ambush pass, Williamsons's bridge etc. Like have one small map in the pool at a time.

What rating are you? Because the lower map pools (<700 e.g.) intentionally have more smaller maps.
Besides that I do believe all the 1v1 pools so far had around 4 5x5 maps so that didn't change.

However I do agree that smaller maps can be frustrating over time, we're talking about a possible solution at the moment.

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I hover between 1200 and 1300

Then it's bad luck/rng honestly bc you only have a ~20% chance to get a 5x5 map xd
calculated in my head so it might be a littler higher/lower

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@sladow-noob The problem as I see it is that even when you are out of the range for a given map, you still get it. (even when BOTH players are above the range for said map).

When I was first told that a given bracket would get maps from the bracket below, I assumed it was because you might be matched against opponents that are in the bracket below you, and affected the map pool. But that's not it, even 2x 650 rating players will get the lowest tier maps.

Maybe if we ALSO got the maps in the pool above, things would feel a little more evened out?
(Personally, I think having a few randomly generated maps added at the low end would be interesting)

1v1 pool works differently than the other pools, the maps are cumulative so unlocking more doesn't remove any maps. In the team matchmakers you lose access to maps that are 2 or more tiers below you.

@ftxcommando Thanks for clarifying this.

The aurora are actually very bad at contesting these areas of the map, because they're hilly which makes the aurora shoot the ground + they get bunched up by mountains which makes them even more vulnerable to artillery

so try to make the game about contesting the corners and sides, use your acu and a few bombers to hold mid if your opponent pushes mid regardless

the guy who dont play 1v1/ladder

Bullys last ladder game was against me on this map he knows how it works!


If you are 1200 rated, you will have played (in July) canis river on average 1/17th of the time. Not "half of the time".

Also, only 1/4th of the games you play will be on 5x5.

That said, if you prefer less 5x5 in 1v1 ladder, you will be glad to hear that atm we are going to trial a change this September (among other changes, read Arch's announcement about that at https://forum.faforever.com/topic/6433/new-1v1-ladder-map-selections) where there will be no more 5x5 for 1200+ rated players.

Sorry but it was more then 1/17. Including the other small maps this was half the time. I got small maps three consecutive times against the same aeon player. Glad to hear about the trial change. Its not that I dont ever want to play on a small map, just not with water on it.