Beta 3v3 Tourny

Today is the last day to sign up!

Sign up 1100 Global

Sign me up, please! I would love to play as well

ah, this is how you sign up.

Sign me up around 1000 global

I sign up

Lets go Blodir, lets go

Ras Boi's save lives.

Let me in ! !

The embodiment of depression...

And now i need to redo my drafting spreadsheet again ;(



Ras Boi's save lives.

Ok at this point im going to close signups in 1 hour. That is 10:50 EST.

Sign ups are closed. Draft will start soon on discord.

Map pool has been updated with specifics, money has been distributed, and Blast_Chilled will sub for rowan.

f482f71c-f09b-4581-8bfc-5b120c04ff3b-image.png Here is the final teams.

Nice second pic for Blodir

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

93e9a412-212a-4bbf-9bea-f68dccec8cc3-image.png whoops!

For Adaptive Point of Reason, we will use the following Reclaim settings


"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

crazyrush mex pog

Just to make sure its clear, Rowey will be TDing. I wont be available during the tourny so look in comments of this thread for any last minute updates.

@snowy801 No crazy mex that was just the next option that is off

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock