Cannot watch old Replays

Me and my friends used to play supcom from 2017 and we can see all of the replays in the replays tab. However all of the replays from a long time ago simply don't work. When me and my friends launch the replays from the faf replay tab it loads and opens the vanilla game main menu? Does anyone know how we can get the replays working, any help appreciated. On one of the faf websites it mentions that you are taken to FA main menu if you do not have the map, but it shows in the map tab I have the maps of the replays I am trying to launch.

Restart PC should fix it - If not, then your security software is interfering with the process.

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@magge do these files exist on the server? I may be wrong but didn't we archive or remove a large number of replays in favor of disk space on the server?

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Possible, but OP needs to give replay ID - AFAIK he has issues with any replay from the replay tab for whatever reason.

I can watch some old replays, but only ones that seem to have vanilla maps and no mods. I do have the maps and mods downloaded for these games though.

This is one of the games that won't work:

warning: map /maps/Dual Gap ae v2/Dual Gap ae v2.scmap failed. aborting session.

Is this even a legit gap version? I assume it was deleted from server.

We did not delete anything on the server. Maybe this was a locally shared map that was never uploaded. Maybe I can check tomorrow

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@brutus5000 39cfa66e-3580-4321-91f8-c5df49ab02a2-image.png
This is the map that the replay is of.

@brutus5000 Thank you for not deleting "old" or "bad" maps or replays. I get a lot of pleasure from them. And I am counting on being able to come back to them. again, thank you!