I hate depressing map textures

I hate depressing map textures ( and lightning ), i wish i could filter
the MMaker so i don´t need to play these maps.

Please let me filter muddy red Mars surface and Ice/snow maps, especially dark red
chrome maps. Some ice maps looks better then others, with better lightning is´t
ok for me to play them now and then.

Give us some option to force different textures / lightning. I mean, the maps
are very primitive, should be not impossible.

Or make ctr-k legal, so i don´t need to play them 😉

I would definitely not mind the complete deletion of red maps.

Agree. Some map texture sets are very bad for eyes to play. White ones are bright af. Red are acid and usually create bad contrast for icons+player color to distinguish.

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There won't be an option to force different textures or lighting. I don't remember the name, but there's a tool that can add additional post processing of any graphical process (like a game). With it you can tweak the final image, make it look less moody.

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Reshade would be the tool for the job, but after installing it I ran into some problems getting it to work with FaF. It seems reshade loads and works fine when launching supremecommander.exe manually, but whatever FaF does to the executable causes reshade not to load.

If anyone can help me get past this hurdle, I'll post detailed instructions on how to make the red maps less of an eyesore.

@phong the faf debugger prevents it from loading. Do you have that enabled?

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

I don't. But if you got it to work, maybe OP can as well

I use Reshade and have been for years, it works fine. Make sure to direct it to the FAF install and not Steam

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u