Pending Balance Changes Feedback Thread

@nex Did you get a chance to read my earlier mention of a single seraphim torpedo bomber being able to destroy 2 UEF cooper torpedo boats defending one another?

I think there's potential for more than just sera-vs-sera to be affected by it.

I totally like the idea of racial identity, and would hate to see it removed, but it does feel a bit 'extreme'...
Most 'counters' in subcom tend to be more in the range of 'double' when talking efficiency or counters etc. '4-5times' feels a bit much.

If their bombed torpedoes split into a total of 6, it would still be miles higher than the 2 for UEF, 2 for cybran, and 3 for aeon... But not so crazy as the 9 currently.

In fairness, this change from 9 to 6 would still allow the mirror player to kill sera subs in 2 torpedo bomber passes - but I could better see that as a 'matchup quirk', especially given the difference of seraphim submerged destroyers, if their torpedo bombers weren't just basically ignoring torpedo defense!



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@deletethis Sorry, spotted the link now!

So it was a bug that let them overcome torpedo defenses so well by being untargetable?!? Eesh! I kinda liked the racial diversity of it (despite thinking it was a bit extreme).

(clarification - I'm one of those folk that doesn't really differentiate between 'bug' and 'feature')

Is there a way my testing this release immediately, or do we have to wait?
(I wanted to know whether the Uosioz completely loses its ability to circumvent torpedo defenses? Or whether it's just reduced, but still significant)

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