Balance Patch 3757 changelog

A balance patch has been released with a few important changes that have been planned for a while, but were delayed. Here are the changes:

Galactic Colossus

Previously the claws would instantaneously destroy the unit upon arrival. This matched the old behavior, but with the bug fixes of the claws it was only slightly too strong.

A unit now receives 730 damage per second per second upon arriving at the claw. Combining both claws and the beam the colossus has a maximum damage per second of 2460, which matches the old situation.

Chrono Dampener

The Chrono Dampener received several buffs over the past year. With this patch we nerf it by changing how the Chrono Dampener behaves. The old behavior applies the same stun on all units over a large radius every 5.0 seconds. The stun duration was 3.5 seconds.
The new behavior applies a diminishing stun based on the distance of the unit to the ACU over a large radius every 5.0 seconds. The stun is applied in slices of 0.4 seconds. There are 10 slices. Units that are on top of the ACU receive all slices, and are therefore stunned for 4.0 seconds. Units at the outer edge of the radius receive only a single slice and are therefore stunned for 0.4 seconds.

Thanks to @Deribus for the original idea for this change.

Air Staging Facility

When they were moved from tech 2 to tech 1 their build time was not reduced accordingly. The build time is now reduced from 450 to 350. For a tech 1 engineer it takes 70 seconds to build.


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GC ok to make, chrono still banned in games

Yay GC nerf