New way of using the League System


I also really like the avatars. There is room for more cosmetics especially for lower rated like me that have almost none ;-;


I don't understand why it's necessary to have these breaks in between. I worry it will lead to people valuing their rating more again as in the offseason the only thing left to track any progression is the rating


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Honestly dude just get them to make a Mapgen only 1v1 que if you want more people to do ladder. The map pool is boring.


mapgen only 1v1 will just make people bored of mapgen too. after a dozen games u start to realise mapgen isn't all that diverse either

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1v1 ladder is not really underpopulated. The only problem is the 2k+ bracket that is virtually gone. You don't solve that problem with avatars. You solve that by removing the old rating system completely and in doing so put more importance to the current leaderboards. Then you give a single money prize to the top grandmaster player of that season. Problem fixed and we have a competitive scene again.


Make ladder better, For starters stop offering up avatars to players that already have 50!
Give lower rank players who have been here since day dot and support the comunity just as much a chance to win somthing!
Or at least keep somthing.
Cash is a silly idea and mentioning santions is a joke no politics in FAF
Stop making tournaments that only the usual 10-20 ppl play and win, Maybe make a ladder tournament that if you have an avatar or have already won in the past your excluded.

Maybe make some easy things for ppl to achive maybe even funny ones ect- play 10 ladder 1-1 games in a day and get an avatar (gaps for noobs) or some crap idk

Maybe even mini fraction avatars -- Make sure to get your 10 ladder games in this week (each week) guys to secure your fracting avatar Make it smaller even so the other dont cry

We could even do a (most impressvie gains and upcomming players list) on news page that showed who increased the most and who lost the most rank in ladder that week and who to watch out for.
Maybe even post a couple of replays from that week for ppl to check out

Lots of ppl love ladder but how do 2 non party players vs a party team in 2-2 that keeps popping up and smashing ppl
i love ladder but now if im not in party i wont bother, could there be an option where partys vs partys or only randoms vs randoms
i know at the 1k rating area 2v2-4v4 there is massive dif between a team and no team!

Personly who give a fuck whos at top they are the same players is been for years you either hotkey or dont and a lot dont!

You want new players to populate lader find a way to suport and incentify the lower ranks

Also a lot of new players think 4-4 lader is where you start your game Journey ( na mate) ive alwasy thought you wanna learn to play do it in custom could we advertise that ladder is esentialy what it was ment for a LADDER to climb ranks
this is confusing when its called TMM

Last off love you all!


Rather then implement new avatars and increase manual overhead with requiring 80+ avatars to be issued every few months. We should be implementing automated issuing of the rank icon when its earned (possibly just leaving the highest earned as selectable).
Also how would the $50 be spread across that many people?


I think to bring back the popularity of 1x1 games, we need to hold weekly Blitz tournaments (under 1500 and 1500+). No cash prize, no new avatars, and no broadcast.
Just give people the opportunity to play a few games, with different opponents and in an interesting format. If you do such tournaments regularly, then for someone it will be a motivation to play 1x1, so that in the next tournament to perform better and possibly play against the strongest players faf, or just to go further than "that guy who can't play, but somehow took a higher place".

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After the introduction of the league system, I personally do not have enough information about the achievements in the old seasons, whether I spent this season better or worse. I would play more 1x1 and 2x2 if there was a history of achievements for each year.


The custom Avatars for the 4 brackets look really cool. Love it.

Cash price should be reserved for the top Grandmaster only.