The state of the promotions team lead

Have to become promotion lead to promote only my mods Kappa

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@immortal-d We're supposed to run the front page of the client, the website, and the official twitch and youtube. As someone on the promotions team, I mean it with love when I say the whole thing is a bit of a mess. The system that people use to request news doesn't notify us of new requests, there are several different levels and sites that keep the front page of FAF up-to-date, and even people who have 'retired' have to get called in because their specialised knowledge + permissions is so exclusive that they're the only ones who can update certain things.

A promotions lead would need to be driven to unify several efforts. There needs to be better news requesting and updates, a more open and frequently updated tournament schedule and tab, an initiative to put more videos on the official channel, as well as many other things such as keeping in touch with content creators and other team members.

It's too much for me to step up to unfortunately- I am happy just updating the news front page for the client twice a week.

@captainklutz Yeah you are doing wonderful babe, I love you and your work with the newshub ❤

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@xiaomao I asked him, albeit FtX has unconventional methods/rough in the edges, I do think he has the autism drive to do alot of stuff if he really wants to. And right now I think we need someone with the drive to do stuff

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Wow, I didn't realize it was quite so comprehensive. That is borderline close to the serious logistics work I do in my normal job, lol.

I told Javi this but due to real life concerns I'm not exactly in a stable enough situation to be able to predict I can reliably donate the necessary time for anything a month down the line. I'd rather just be able to contribute on and off in the things I'm primarily interested in and have somebody more able to consistently put 10 hours into it in a week be the lead.

I've taken the YouTube under my wing as I've spent countless hours improving the array of content their and have grown it to what it is now and will continue to work on ways to improve this

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With the assumption that you @Femboy sticks around to maintain the website then I'd be fine with taking over the lead position.

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Jip will reach his final form as 2x team lead!

i mean Game team kinda runs its self nowadays

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

@spikeynoob with great power comes great insomnia

@jip i mean I will always stick for the website, no matter what position or lack of I have, I just want someone that has a bigger passion and is known to the community to lead the promo team

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