1v1 map pool - feedback

After talking in aeolus, discord, forum and a couple of people in DMs, I noticed nearly noone really likes the map pool. That most people complain isn't something new, but the feedback also gave away that MapGen is generally being liked from all rating ranges. Especially cuz of that I'm wondering why the hell the MapGen-only-week isn't a thing anymore despite having an insanely positive feedback.

When it comes to maps, it looks like the criteria for the pool still reffers to the 2019 situation where more than 3 2000+ players actively played, so especially referring to "We put tournament maps into the pool" honestly doesn't sound too smart anymore. [source for that information - just filter on the FAF Discord]

It's also no secret that I hate 5x5 maps in general and also 10x10 maps with barely reclaim and mexes (Maps such as Desert Arena being an exception due to the reclaim). They're simply no fun to play for me and I was actually surprised to hear quite some people share my opinion. Therefore this thread because I want to see whether it's just my opinion and people like Thomas are just the more known persons liking 5x5 maps or if the majority of people actually dislikes them.

For God's sake don't hit me with the "reeee, it's just a skill issue! They're exciting maps if you play them correctly! Also BuildOrders don't matter reeee"
BuildOrder-discussion can be found in the Matchmaker-Pool-Feedback-thread ; For the skill issue: Yes. It is a skill issue. But this thread should only serve the purpose which maps are fun to play.
When sending your tier list, please include your ranking. I used the map pools from this and last month for now. Also I hope only people playing ladder either actively or would play actively if the pool gets better reply here.


Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

currently chilling at 1800-1900


Required rating for participation in balance talks when?


This pool looks totally fine for me, i've seen some people hating the new maps but that's the whole point of adding them, so that people can evaluate how good they are based on practical terms rather than just theorizing them, so that we can add some variety to the 1v1 pools, but when it comes to classic maps they're all pretty good imo (5x5 being the exception for me), i think 2k ladder being dead due to "garbage map pool" is bollocks, it's just a combination of factors like "depression" "lack of time" "too sweaty" and the main one being that people just jump on the bandwagon and play whatever is more popular (recently being sentons and custom mapgens, 4v4 TMM kinda died) which tends to be more chill to play, ppl nowadays just aren't being competitive anymore.

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The embodiment of depression...

Also there's 2 versions of Serenity Planet, 10x10 and 5x5, both maps have the same icon so i can't tell what you're refering to, i would probably put 5x5 on D or C and the 10x10 one on A or S, i like the map because there's a shitton of reclaim on it

Oh I see, my fault for not checking the sizes! The "serenity desert small - FAF version" is in the recent pool aka. the 5x5 km version

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

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I reserve the right to change anything as I'm not super certain about the placements atm. I also haven't played a lot of the maps, but I looked up some replays on a few of the maps and made the placement based on that.

In general imo there should be more consistency in the map pool ie. no high apm 20x20 maps where details don't matter at all, and no tiny 5x5 maps where the game never advances past t1/gun stage. Also another trend that I noticed is that many maps have the issue of being extremely open and having many contested mexes, such that it forces a t1 spam war. Mapgen also often generates those kinds of maps, which is why it's not SS tier.

There are of course many other aspects that go into map design as well. For example long narrow paths like Forbidden Facilities and Emerald Cliffs don't make for very fun gameplay. Short sections that limit movement are good, but these maps are way too far to the extreme.

Tomma's list - ~1800 ranked currently


Required rating for participation in balance talks when?



  • 2000
  • forgotten facilities 10km is A tier, however this is 5km which i dont think ive played
  • 20km are lower than usual because i strongly dislike the earlygame intie/transport/bomber gameplay. this drags down all 20km maps by a tier
  • setons is good if both players are 2300+
  • turtle rocks D because of how busted aeon is

@waffelznoob said in 1v1 map pool - feedback:

  • forgotten facilities 10km is A tier, however this is 5km which i dont think ive played

I thought it was the original 10km for my list B(



I don't like drawing maps so i didn't put any maps in there.

imagine being bad at 5x5 kappa

i am not going to put down a tier list since i haven't played much ladder from 2019, maybe had 1-2 random games where i missed the queue and got into ladder or smth, but imo another problem is the crucial notification from the python client where you were pinged (could be disabled) if anyone in your range was searching so you don't have to waste 5 hours on some ghost dudes that were searching.

as mentioned before, the ladder only queue missing is also a massive factor for ladder being partially dead compared to other game modes.

to sum it up, i don't think the map pool is that bad and you know what i mean if you played tmm beta kappa but certainly missing some very important things that were mentioned above

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

@waffelznoob said in 1v1 map pool - feedback:

forgotten facilities 10km is A tier, however this is 5km which i dont think ive played

I accidentally put in the wrong version. Its supposed to be the 10x10 version. This is adjusted now.


Whats your 1v1 rating? It matters because I would like to use the data to get an idea of which brackets prefer which maps.

I'm 800 1v1. I want mapgen O:< I'll 1v1 everyoneScreenshot 2023-04-03 121321.png