Game doesn't count as a ladder

I've had a match against Kapparov in 1vs1 ladder, and after the end it says "the game did not affect the rating, reason: unknown result", but my opponent left the game and i won it. Same thing in the game against derek_bobjacke6da3c95-c177-4072-8561-3d5f50fa976b-image.png 78e36695-4ccc-43b0-9107-a5c88f617e0b-image.png

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I've read the topic about supreme scoreboard and have no conclusion about it. Why should it affect ladder ratings? And there is my logs.rar , ofc(/assets/uploads/files/1677590580894-logs.rar)

From what I have read, there seems to be an issue with players using supreme scoreboard resulting in some games not getting rated. I don't believe anyone intended for that to be the case. As to why it only happens some of the time, perhaps the issue only results in games being unrated if no non-supreme-scoreboard-using players stay in the game until the results are sent. So, you could try disabling supreme scoreboard and making sure you wait until the match fully ends to leave it, and see if that fixes the problem for you going forward.

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I've changed up the order of the sync. See also:

The server communication is now run first. It also runs before the Supreme Scoreboard logic does. I hope this may alleviate the situation, but there's no guarantee

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And some people was telling me that ssb is better xd

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