Has there been a change to air targetting re losing visual/radar

Had a game last night where I sent strat bombers across the map, targetted on an acu. Before they got there i think they lost visual/radar of the target. They ended up bombing the ground where the acu had been when targetted, though he had moved since. A complete fail of a bombing run lol

Has something happened to air keeping a target lock if visual/radar loses awareness of the target? I know it had been talked about a while ago...?

What is the replay id? It sounds likely that you ground fired, instead of locking on the target

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That bug has always existed, I'm not sure exactly what causes it to happen. Very rarely an attack order you issue on a unit will turn into a ground attack order at that location. Most likely it does have something to do with losing intel on it.

Then I'd love that replay id @Serpentor , then we can investigate

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Ugh, just rewatched it and it was my fault, i set the target as acu when very zoomed out and accidentally actually targetted a building beside him. Let's just pretend this thread never happened 😉

Well there is a bug that does the same thing, sometimes you try to target a lab with a tank and the tanks ends up getting a groundfire command on that location. It isn't really possible to do it on accident because you would have to specifically press the attack key to issue a groundfire command.

All gossip until I see a replay id 😉

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Hey did you know that Jip wants the replay id?

The ground fire happens if you press attack on a unit just as it leaves ur vision

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As I said, it was human error on my part which became clear upon watching the replay. Apologies for any concern I caused.


What is that @veteranashe ? 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned