Invalid Adress / New client not allowing me to login

Hi Team

Since client update, I cannot connect to any lobby, nor creating one

info: Client version: 2023.1.0
info: Game version: 3750

Error messageis::
Invalid Adress: port connecting to the client:

Any ideas ?

I know two other people struggling with the same issue at the moment.

This was a bug that made it's way into the update I just released. I am making another release with the fix now.

Many thanks for this very fast fix and response

I was able to start again after installing faf_windows-x64_2022_11_0.exe and then upgrading again.

edit: I guess i then got the .1 fix already 🙂

Just released v2023.1.1 which should fix the issue so if you update it should be all good.

How i can download new update? I try start, have icon, you cannot play kirilik symbol, after this client not start. What need to do? Delete old client and install new or waiting fix??