Make Custom Missions/Campaign Editor

Hello, Happy New Year!

We all know that little thing that's become very popular very quickly. It's called Map Gen.

While Coop Mission Gen is a tedious task, I am more than sure that Mission/Campaign Editor isn't.

We already have Map Editor(s), all we need is someone adding ability for units to patrol in formations via markers a-to-b-to-c; wait-time-to-respawn, objectives signature upon destruction-capture, completion of the mission, add intro-outro, voice, cinematics-to-markers etc etc.

It doesn't have to be all of the things possible at once.
You could add very basic features like patrol and objective at first. Then motivate community to contribute on improving that Mission Editor.

Then Coop Missions would have to be approved by staff, where the best ones are to be featured as officials, while others (unofficials) could be added into the Mission Vault like maps rn.

Abundance of Creative Coop Missions will skyrocket community numbers in itself greatly, that's why introducing monetary reward for complete/partial scripting of Mission Editor is def worth it.

What do you think?

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sure, you can also join the official discord channel on campaign development and help with your input, there're quite some devs in there already.

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

I don't think this would be more complicated then the map generator itself. It is just that the map generator on its own took years to where it is now.

In fact, in combination with the navigational mesh you likely have everything you need if you add in some prefabs for a base or two. Or try and generate that too, as Balthazar did with his city generator. I think what you describe is technically possible, maybe as simple as a (large) mod. The only issue is time 🙂

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