RCVI - Venus Rising ~ 3v3 ~ $1,500

@ftxcommando So many rules and exceptions.

Attention: the Registration period is now over.

The draft has commenced.

Poor Doni

Dose this rating cap mean i might get drafted?

@end-game The rating cap was only to prevent two 2400s to sign up together. The third pick is not rating-capped. So yeah, sorry to say that but the chance that you'll get picked is quite low.


Current Team and Draft Pool:

Captains - Submit team names if you like 😉

RCVI Reg.png

Follow the tournament live on Challonge -
Here: https://challonge.com/kk5hcwra

Team 3 if they want to win should name their team "Swkoll Crushers Crushers Crushers".

FAF players when they realize humor is also just copying BOs

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

Todays daily tip and reminder:

AI Mods:AI Mods2.jpg

Last year we had many games feature 2 different AI mods.
One game (Dark Liver Mirrored),
actually had 3 different AI's (Swarm, Uveso and RNGAI)

This year - there wil be NO games with more than 1 AI type.
Some of the AI's do not play well together and
loading more than 1 AI Mod at a time may slow game.

There will be 4 different AI's in this tournament and
3 of them should be loaded solo, while
RNGAI needs Uveso to also be loaded, due to
dependencies in code that utilize Uveso.

Here are the 4 tournament AI combinations that will be used:

M27AI (load solo)
M M27.jpg

AI:DilliDalli (load solo)M DilliDalli.jpg

AI-Uveso (load solo)
M Uveso.jpg

RNGAI (load with Uveso)
M RNG UV.jpg

For those that are practicing with RNGAI..
do not use Uveso units in same game with RNGAI units as
the 2 AI's do not behave properly when used together.

Todays daily tip and reminder:

Here is the current Map Pool:
See Post #8: above, or
Here: https://forum.faforever.com/topic/5400/rainbow-cup-vi-3v3-1-500/8RCVI Maps.pngGame/Map scenario details will be released 1 hour be the start of each days matches.

Tip: Show up 1 hour early - before the tournament starts each day to
look over the - AI Mod types, factions and team start positions to strategize.

Bonus Intel tip: Although Finals maps will be also be kept secret..
until 1 hour before Finals start time..
Dark Liver Mirrored (Finals game map #1 in last 3 RC's),
will NOT be used this year.
Although it is a beautiful "looking" map..
It has not played very well in the previous RC's.
(didn't want any teams spending time prepping on this map,
believing it would be Game #1 - 4 tournies in row)

The RCVI Team formation and draft is now over.
Congratulations to all who were drafted!

Those who were not selected in the initial draft, are
now placed in the Standby Pool.
These players are able to stand-in and substitute for ANY players,
who are not able to make one of the tournaments 3 days of play,
no matter their ratings.
The Restricted standby pool players are "only" able to substitute for
players with higher ratings.

Todays Daily Reminder:

The Players starting position selection process,
when there are more than 3 starting spawn options -
has a minor change this year.

RCIV had Captain's - "!Roll" to decide
which team would set up "last".

But.. there are scenario's where the !Roll winner may,
want to set up first (and get to choose side and color)

So.. This RC gives the !Roll winners the option to -
Set up either - "First or Second".

Below are the Official Directions:
See post #2 in the Forum here:


When there are 3 start spawns:
Captains can pick any side or color.
If they can not agree....
!Roll for the map side or color.
The !Roll winner gets to choose one,
and the loser gets to choose the other.

When there are > 3 start spawns:
Follow this procedure to select team starting positions:
1- !Roll - winner chooses to be either - "Team 1" or "Team 2".
2- Team 1 - chooses side of map, team color, and set's up first.
3- Team 2 - sets up second.
4- Team 1 - can start play "as is", or
---- make a "one time only/permanent" position change.
5- Team 2 - can start play "as is", or
----make a final positional change - "get the last move"
6- Position AI, set factions, and color.
7- Close any open positions
8- Launch Game.

я хочу учавствовать

@facuto Извините, но уже поздно регистрироваться.

@xiaomao а можно будет наблюдать за турниром какнибудь?

а можно будет наблюдать за турниром какнибудь?
will it be possible to watch the tournament somehow?

Да, это будет на FAF Twitch Live Here:
Yes, it will be on FAF Twitch Live Here:

Daily Reminder and Tip:

This is a Team color tournament with up to 4 different teams on map.
Please...Be sure to "color up" the sides properly to help distinguish teams.


There are only 2 rules in this tournament, so...
Make sure to double check Player and AI colors before "X'ing up"
Failure to pick proper colors can allow the other team to
force a re-start.
You don't want to have a great start, and
have the other team get a 2nd chance by "pausing" and
forcing a restart.