RCVI - Venus Rising ~ 3v3 ~ $1,500

hello, I'd like to join

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@fearghal sign me up

@fearghal sign me up

i have to redact my entry. Cant play

signing up with my good friend-macronoob

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

12 days left to register, Come join the action.

Battle against another team and the best AI - FAF has to offer.

M27AI by Maudlin is making it's first Open RC appearance,
along with the previous excellent AI's that have All been updated and
better than ever.
RNGAI by Relent0r,
AI-Uveso by Uveso, along with
AI:DilliDalli by Softles.

Come play and show support for our wonderful AI guys, who
are always working on improving our FAF playing experience.

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RNG-AI has just released a new version.
M27-AI and
Uveso-AI are
also expected to have new releases before the tournament.

Download RNGAI's new version now and look for the other releases coming soon.

Sign me up - Tassen 1400global 1100ladder

I'm leaving the tournament because I don't see the point in playing against stream snipers.

Hi Fearghal, can you change mine and Deli's signups? We'd like to sign up as a team

@venacancer said in Rainbow Cup VI ~ 3v3 ~ $1,500:

I'm leaving the tournament because I don't see the point in playing against stream snipers.

Does this mean no one is planning to have a delay again and that everyone is supposed to watch the stream and do their best to pretend the don't like it's a ninja exam?

@melanol I stream to make live content for viewers. I don't see the point of streaming with a delay against a stream snipe, it will just be a stream where I play a tournament ignoring the chat and not answering questions due to the delay.


Sure thing!

Registration is fluid and
players may team up and recruit others from the single draft pool
at any time "prior" to the commencement of the draft.

Streams are left to be decided by the Captains and the FAF Live casters.

@venacancer I thought you were talking about the official stream. Anyway, streaming a tournaments without a delay is forcing players to do ninja exams.

This post is deleted!