Mod UI "ACU highlight" doesn't work.

Mod UI "ACU highlight" doesn't work for me what is the reason?

Non ASCII symbols in path may cause the issue.

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What should I do?

Rename the directory or/and point a new path in FAF as new mod directory and make sure you do not use non ASCII symbols. More background information would be very helpful to determine the problem, like - do other mods work, what have you tried to solve it so far, have you reinstalled it, has it worked before, some logs, etc.

It is also possible that some icon mod is interfering. I use Redux, and it disables ACU highlight, so it has Redux ACU Icons for this.

The thing is, we cant say whats wrong using your message that "ACU highlight" doesn't work.

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I found the idle engie mod also prevents "ACU highlight" of doing its thing

I use a mod for icons: "Advanced Strategic Icons mod installer 3.3.1", but lenkin's YouTuber has both this and that mod working at the same time. My mod mods: "redux acu icon" and "ACU highlight" don't work, but the "Advanced Strategic Icons mod" work normally and the SIM mods too. I tried to turning off the mod "Advanced Strategic Icons mod", it didn't help.