Is Ctr+k'ing all your stuff to spite your team in TMM a banable offense?

It has happened twice in the past month alone where a salty player deletes everything he has before he dies to prevent his team mates from receiving it. It really ruins the game for his team mates when they are suddenly an entire base down 15 minutes in to the game. I have submitted moderation reports but I assume the backlog is keeping the moderators busy. I just want to know if there is anything more I can do to rid the game of these toxic players? I understand this is a rant but I don't get to play all that much and don't want the few times I play to be ruined by salty players

Yes it is. Why even ask?
Obviously there are lobbies where that is more or less allowed but in TMM it's outright bannable.
So just fill in report and call it a day.

Yes it is. You can report that player.

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Also although there's a backlog with moderation reports, repeat offenders get prioritised so it's worth filling in a report even if previous ones haven't been looked at yet, as it helps ensure people who do such things frequently get stopped much sooner.

@maudlin27 said in Is Ctr+k'ing all your stuff to spite your team in TMM a banable offense?:

repeat offenders get prioritised

Ooh thats a nice touch 🙂