High cpu usage for render thread

In full screen mode the render thread is maxed out the whole time. In windowed mode it is not maxed out at first but progessively becomes unplayable.
Any help with this will be appreciated.


This issue may have started when I got the supreme economy mod a few days ago.

I turned off all mods, not much difference.

afaik there are 3 major graphics performance sinkholes.
Range rings
Reclaim labels (even when ctrl+shift is not pressed)
and Level of details (visibility from zoomed out) for props\wrecks\decals on the map

Is this a graph of ren thread CPU usage? how did you make such graph?

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This looks like a screen cap of MSI Afterburner set to capture data about the render thread. I've never used Afterburner for tracking just one thread.

yes. it is afterburner. I reinstall graphics drivers and faf. The issue seems to have gone away, at least for a few games.
I know it will come back when I start messing around with console commands again.

This is extremely weird now. On ambush pass I see 100% cpu usage for ren thread. On craftius maximus I see about 30%. I am testing this back to back to back with consistency.

fullscreen or windowed, do you limit fps? if not, ren thread will always be maxed

@speed2 Although it is not always maxed, this is very useful so far. Thank you

@speed2 SC_frametimeclamp is set to 16 ms by default so limiting frame times didn't really make a difference. The issue is back once again

All fidelity settings on low low resolution, full screen.
high cpu usage throughout

There's nothing suspicious in the log. How much FPS do you get when it lags?

unwanted software