Three ways to nerf Ahwassa without increasing the cost

Hello folks!

I am aware that the Ahwassa will probably be nerfed with the upcoming balance patch due to higher energy costs and a slightly lower damage radius.

A sensible and long overdue change as lategame air always felt too strong for me. With just one Ahwassa on the field most land units (even with mobil AA) could be easily defended.

Therefore I would like to show you three ways how to nerf the Ahwassa without just screwing on the costs ;).

1. Reduce fall damage.
I've never quite understood how fall damage is calculated in combination with shields. But I've often seen an anti nuke (even if it's well defended by many shields) getting killed by the Ahwassa's air chrash damage. In combination with a nuke, everyone knows how that ends. Especially when you consider that the fall damage is exactly the same as that of the CZAR, but it is so much easier to drop an Ahwassa into the base than a CZAR. I always felt it was an unfair advantage to the Ahwassa.

2. Shorter bomb drop range
Another thing I felt always strange was that the Ahwassa was never really countered by SAMs (an air counter unit). Just one Bomb drop on the edge and a quick turn, and an entire SAM bank is killed barely before they fire off one volley which isn't too bad for the Ahwassa. A shorter drop range would make the Ahwassa much more vulnerable to SAMs.

3. Higher turning angle
Similar to the point above, a higher turning angle (after a bomb has been dropped) would cause the Ahwassa to fly further into enemy ground before it can turn back. Alternatively, if it could be implemented, introduce that the Ahwassa cannot rotate about ~1 second after a bomb drop. This would also make the Ahwassa more vulnerable to ground AA and make it easier to catch the Ahwassa with ASF as it can't hide behind its own ASF so well anymore.

I'm not saying that these changes should be inserted in the game, but rather understood as a suggestion how else a nerf could be done. Feel free to give your comments on it. 😃

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The fall damage nerf is gonna happen in combination with the cost increase (and across all air t4), it just isn’t in the upcoming balance patch. The other two would not really justify making the washer cheaper. Most washer abuse involves hover bombing so the 2nd doesn’t really hurt it much at all and might actually make it even easier to hover bomb. The third is dealt with by proper micro, basically being irrelevant.

@ftxcommando said in Three ways to nerf Ahwassa without increasing the cost:

The fall damage nerf is gonna happen

good to hear . its about time.
putins rating will drop to 800

Happy to hear that one of the points is actually going to being implemented. The CZAR should definitely have more fall damage than the Ahwassa.

Is it possible in-engine to split the dead unit into multiple parts before it crashes? Washer has a huge hole in its hull, it would only make sense if it fell apart on death in the air.

That is possible, but it would take quite a chunk of time to do it right.

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