Lines at screen when something explodes

Hello, guys.

I have a laptop with a core i7 9th gen, 16 Gb RAM, GTX 1660 Ti with 6 Gb and a 256 SSD (and 1 Tb of hard drive). I'm using Windows 10 of 64-bits.

Is that normal when something explodes appears some white lines inside the blast radious? Or is something wrong with my videocard?

I thought that strange, because I saw the same lines when watching the matches from Gyle's channel at Youtube, mainly on nuke explosions and now, since I downloaded the Steam version of Forged Alliance, I'm seeing the same lines, then I was wondering if the lines I see at the videos mentioned could be of my screen, instead of the recording itself...

I set everything to high, except shadows (at medium).

Can you take a screenshot of those lines?


Lines like these?
Happens only with nvidia cards, no solution that I know of

Exactly like at the photo. Happens with little and big explosions.

Well, I'm less concerned now then. I thought it could be a malfunction, but at least it isn't hehe.

Thanks for the answer, guys 🙂