Looking for editor to spotlight adjusted game features

This is a request for help. We're looking for contributor(s) that can find their way around software like Premiere Pro. There is no need to be an artist, but it can be useful.

What is it about

There is a lot of activity surrounding the repositories of the game. As an example, the number of commits (chunks of code changes) can be seen on Github:

The amount of line changes and pull requests merged can also be found on Github:

The last link shows that just this month (30th of September -> 30th of October, which has been relatively quiet) there have been 9319 additions, 3751 deletions, 52 pull requests merged and 8 issues closed. And those observing more closely may notice that we now have a navigational mesh that we generate when AIs are in play, that various features / mentions from the forums have been introduced and that the shared army mod is now integrated.

But the average community member, being you that is reading, won't likely know until you read the patch notes, which is questionably as I don't know a lot of people that do.

Long story short: we have an exposure problem. It is difficult to find out what we are introducing, or what has been introduced in the past.

I'd like to increase the exposure on old and new features alike. And that is what I'd like your help with.

What is the task

It is described on Github here:

A short summary is the production of a video to put a feature into the spotlights.

In general, you agree to:

  • You're okay with the end result being uploaded to the FAF Youtube, being part of a playlist of similar videos that put a spotlight on features.
  • You're okay with sharing the source, including the material and the project files. We'll make sure that these end up in a repository to allow people to learn from your work or step into your shoes and use it to make the next video.
  • You aim to make a professional video, that is still casual and friendly. As the issue describes, whether that turns into this or this is irrelevant as they are both high quality productions.

All in all - this isn't my area of expertise. You have a lot of freedom. You can post either on Github or here in this forum post for questions or suggestions of any kind.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

FYI for proper Shorts the video needs to be Vertical so it would be 1080 x 1920 9:16

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

I'm not sure if we want to make proper shorts, or just relative short videos yet. That is up to the people picking this up - they likely know better what format works and is easier to work with.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Short videos can compare mechanics changes. Like some bugs with units that can be noticed, perfomance of reclaim labels etc

Sounds like good use of shorts.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Long term videos can have some explanation and insides how these changes were made