Faf lags like hell 15.10.2022

I have a weird and very infuriating problem.
Whenever I join a game with other players, it starts and then lags. It's unplayable :C
All other games run smoothly, Regular Sup Com runs smoothly, and when I've checked the task menager, it looked like the FaF was just... not using the internet connection? What do I do to try to fix this?

Is it internet lag, or FPS drops? Do you have a Nvidia graphics card?

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Speedtest 2022-10-17 195820.png

I have a Nvidia graphics card, but updated to the newst version.
I do not really know about the first question, but I think its lag (as all players in games said that I'm lagging like 300-500 ping)

UPC? You on coax internet? That stuff is known for inconsistent ping.

Try a single player game, do you have issues there? If you do, try the vanilla steam version.
If you don't have issues, it is most likely network related or some mod that is causing issues.