Monkeylord standing up


The time it takes the Monkeylord to stand up after being built seems to be at least ten thousand years (approx). Could it be reduced? Or even better could it stand up as part of its building process? That time delay is always very frustrating and I believe it's the only Experimental that has this time delay to being useable. Thought I'd ask.


Set a move command before it finishes and it'll start walking during the animation.
Same for the Megalith afaIk


That's a good workaround but it would be good if the key issue could be adjusted. I know the GC stands up during construction and is available for selection as soon as it's built. Far better for newer players too.


The animation for the GC was implemented not too long ago, it had no animation til this year (maybe mid last year, not sure there) so taking the GC as an example is not the best option


We could adjust the animation of the Monkeylord and Megalith to match that of the colossus.

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@jip That would be great! So the moment the exp units are finished being built they can move immediately 🙂