Screen turns grey then quit to the desktop

Hello Everyone, I find that everytime I open the FA, it will enter the game, then the screen is grey then automatically quit to the desktop. The program is running as I can see it in the task bar but when I click it, it shows a grey screen and then automatically quit. NOTE: I do not have this issue with Supreme Commander 2 and I am using a laptop

My laptop have two video cards: Quadro M200M and Intel P530. This can be temporarily solved by uninstall the driver for intel. However, after playing FA again, the problem repeats again.

Try this:

Right click on your desktop and open Nvidia Control Panel. Then click on Manage 3D settings, Program Settings, and find Supreme Commander in the drop-down menu of programs. You should then be able to select "High Performance NVIDIA Processor" as the preferred processor for that program.

getting a grey square on game launch can also be fixed by incorrect refresh rate or resolution settings which you can change by opening the game through steam and going to options.