Coop Campain Crash -1 073 740 768

Hi everyone !

I'm creating this topic because I can't play any coop campaign and I need your help please.
Everytime I try with any mission, alone or with friends, as soon as the intro cutscene ends, the game crash with the error code -1 073 740 768.
And when I check the log, I don't see any error, so I wasn't able to figure out what's wrong yet. game_17935364.log

I've checked the files of the game on steam, reinstall the game and FAF launcher twice, also I don't use any modes but the game keeps crashing.

I managed to record a video of it if that can be helpfull :

I don't have any ideas about what I can do to fix it and I hope that someone can help me with that.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for your help !

my guess is that you are missing some textures that are not being downloaded correctly, the files are either blocked by an antivirus or they just got corrupted during the downloading process

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

There's nothing useful in the log that would be pointing to the cause of the crash