Cringe Tournament III



Hello and welcome to the 2022 Cringe Tournament III! Cringe Tournament III is 2v2 tournament featuring with a cringe set of rules. Meant for a players from 0-1300 range assuming that if higher rated player joins he will not get any benefits.

What’s changed?
There is now a new set of cringe rules! check them out!

No rating cap but Captain must be lower than 1300 in all categories. Ratings will be taken from 03.09.2022.

Both players on the team must have different factions.

Each team has Сaptain which is selected by lower rating. The other team member will be called "Comrade". Comrade's ACU can not build nor have any units except for walls.

You cannot start the game before your currency use gets approved by Mods.

Additional penalty rule:
If you kill Comrade ACU before Captain ACU you will get pennalty. You are unable to buy out t1 tank and t1 transport for the next game.

How to use currency?

1st STEP: You are to forbid all the units as in example below. You will have available only Factories and resource buildings. Other stuff you would need to buy.
2nd STEP: Both players need to dm to a tournament moderator all the stuff they want to buy. Buying units is an anonymous process. You cannot know what your opponent has bought while you are in the process of buying your units. Keep in mind: There are no refunds!


At the start of the tourney you get 220 points. Points are the currency that you use to "buy" units with a prices shown below.

Ways to win:

  1. You are to kill both of your opponents acus.
  2. You are to paint picture with walls in a certain area on the map using Comrade ACU. Each square must be 15x15. If you are to win by drawing you will gain additional 100 points

Example of a certain place on map to draw
Each circle has a colour corresponding to a players colour. The circle is a zone you need to paint with walls.
8d410c73-31bf-4fa4-ab26-4bfc1f542365-white fire.png

You could help tournament go smoother by applying your self as a Mods that oversee the use of currency in lobbies.

Casters must use 1 minute delay or higher.

Would you like to contribute to the prize pool?
Just contact me in discord ююю#5139

• 1st: 4000 Rubles, Cringe tournament III avatar cb95971f-c121-447d-ade8-5aa2908741cd-image.png
• 2nd: 2000 Rubles, Faction Face Avatar
• 3rd: 1000 Faction Icon Avatar
1000 Rubles were stolen for beer. (its a joke)

Donated by:
5000 Rubles by ToSimb
2000 Rubles by Furkotya

The schedule:
17th of September.
If too much participants rest of the tournament will be held 18th september.

All events will start at 14:00 UTC.

Maps will be revealed 1 day before tournament.


You can sign up in comments and also find a partner out there


лёха, что это за пиздец вообще


I’m signing up, Javi 1500.

I take we’ll have to announce how we use our currency at the same time of our opponent? So we avoid people buying a lot of air units and then opponent “taking back” their currency use to buy a flak or t1 maa for example

FAF Website Developer


I updated rules and made them more readable.


Sign up BarmaIey 1150


@femboy want to team up with me?


@explosive You cant do this unfortunately. No rating cap but Captain must be lower than 1300 in all categories. Ratings will be taken from 03.09.2022.


I want to sign up
Pyzu Rating 656
My teammate is Tytoos rated 700
Also I have a few questions, do you need to buy walls for the comrade ACU to be able to build them at all or is he allowed to build them by default?
What if someone just walks the Comrade ACU into your base instead of building the walls?


stinky_dycky + luntik2010


@pyzu you have to Buy walls!
You could walk into the base. Few pds would be enough to scare.


I really don't get this concept of buying units and how the higher tech they are cheaper to buy, is it per unit or the availably to build that unit?


sign me up


what is the day of this?


I see now 17th


I mean, the enemy gets penalty if they kill comrade first so killing it isn't a solution really



I think this concept is hilarious and very innovative. It'll require some solid strategizing and quick thinking on behalf of the participants and I'm very interested in seeing what kind of tactics develop.

However, I would like to ask for some clarification of the rules.

  1. Comrade player cannot build or own units. Can they own buildings provided they don't build with them?
  2. Comrade player ACU can do any upgrades? Or are upgrades disabled / you can buy them (at what cost?)
  3. Starting points do not get reset between matchs? So if you spend 200 out of your 220 points on the first match, and you win, you have only 120 for the next match? If you lose you have nothing? Or do you always have 220 points to spend regardless of how much you spent the previous game? I could see some interesting metagaming where it would be interesting to spend as little as possible and still win if you bring the leftover to the next game.
  4. If you have the same race as an opponent, do you have access to all units they bought? Since the Comrade can't build, does it not make sense they should be the same team, but different from opponent?
  5. Are Comrade ACU allowed to reclaim if they're not allowed to build? how about repair or assist?

1 Cannot build nor have units.
2 Upgrades are allowed
3 You get 100 points after the win and 80 after the loss.
4 You Factions can not be repeated by 2nd team.
5 Reclaim, repair and assist are allowed.


@pyzu well agressives moves with comrade acu were intended. But suicided motives will bring harm to both teams but mostly to the suicidal team.


@rottenbanana said in Cringe Tournament III:

4 You Factions can not be repeated by 2nd team.
So this means everyone plays different faction? Who chooses factions first?