Call for an Icon artist

I need someone with decent painting skills (and photoshop/gimp) to finish the UI scaling for the game. While I did everything code related, there are strategic icons that are not affected by the code and have to be redone manually.

BlackYps created a script to generate all the icons, once you have the basic shapes
As it is right now, the script generates +- 125% scaled icons.
Now I need someone to make 150%, 175% and 200% to follow the options in the game.

What is takes is to play with the pixels and draw the basic shapes. You can find them in symbols.xcf, shapes.xcf and techmarkers.xcf files.
Once those shapes are done, the script uses them to generate the icons.

So.... You need someone to blow up the existing icons in 25% increments and then do pixel correction to get rid of the blur? I can do that. I may be misunderstanding what you want though.

Thats exactly whats needed. Its playing with pixels. Get the basic shapes and symbols done and script them generates all 100000 icons

Neroxis already started wizt 200% scale

Yeah, if you do it at 200%, it is much easier to downsize with little to no correction. Can we get a list of icons that are already being worked on so peeps can claim some to punch out?

I scaled everything in the git repo to 200%, manually adjusted the pixels, and checked that it still aligns properly. This however requires a small change to the gimp plug-in. (doubling the offsets)

Only just came across this, probably a bit late to the party. Might be useful to convert them into vector using programme like illustrator? You don't get pixel issue then, can just re-size them however big/small in the future.

You get the issue with pixels, cause the original icons are +- 16x16 pixels. So you have to play with pixels to get the look right.

is this on the right tracks? If not hit me up. I am decent at this pixel stuff but I only have a 1080p screen.

Why not just use this mod? The icons are easier to read too

@Wainan i wouldn't say easier to read, they have too much detail. There might be some better icon, like the nuke one, that help spot nukes easily, but it would break with the consistency of icons

@Wainan said in Call for an Icon artist:

Why not just use this mod? The icons are easier to read too

I hhhate that mod.

I have a lot of experience with photoshop, design, and limited experience with game design. If you haven't found a solution yet, I would be interested in seeing if I could help.

I can recreate icons in Illustrator.
So you can enlarge icons any % in Photoshop.

When will we get 4k in-game textures for units and trees and such?

@THEALPHA the mod you linked looks identical to what we have. perhaps this mod is already integrated into FAF?

you wouldn't want 4K textures for units and trees though. FA would probably not run well.

@UHU said in Call for an Icon artist:

I can recreate icons in Illustrator.
So you can enlarge icons any % in Photoshop.

you mean SVG? that's exactly what we want.

Yes, I can create SVG, AI or EPS

How is this going?

@nine2 150% 175% sizes is useless if you look closely at them. Someone need to spend some hours on redraw the icons 😃