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A while ago, we added many new props to the repository. Some were basically retextured and or resized versions of current props and some were entirely new props. Examples include things like various colorful trees that are present on some recent maps but not in any of the old maps, and some props that look like buildings. If you aren't familiar with what I'm talking about, you can check out the ancient-earth and alt-crystalline categories in the ozonex editor or you can load up the map Sacred Grove to see many of the new props being used.

I think it would be good to have a thread where people can suggest new prop ideas/new props that people could make to be added to the repo for all mappers to be able to use. So, if you have good reasonable ideas for some new props that you think should be added to the game, feel free to suggest them here and or share your new prop designs here.

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Massive mushrooms (tree-sized) are a classic of "alien world" design.
And anything that makes water look better (might require shader changes rather than props though). Underwater cliffs/riffs/plants.


I agree that FAF lacks any vegetation, it’s literally trees and that’s it lol

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Dead alien megafauna corpse

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


High energy coal rocks


Objects from earth. For example buildings, trucks etc. They must be small, as the units are gigantic in comparison.

Edit: in general it's a good I think to keep the scale in mind when designing new props.

Check out the size of a human compared to a UEF commander toe:


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Check out my maps here:

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If you're going to put vehicles in, they should be capturable so you can drive them around

Imagine if the battle took place in a recently-evacuated city full of civilian buildings, cars, buses, trucks and you could capture or reclaim them. Buildings would give some vision if you captured them and vehicles would be mobile and give vision.

Maybe there's even civilian engineering vehicles that have 1 bp and can capture or reclaim things.

And perhaps civilian cop/security vehicles that have more firepower than a snoop.

And some civilian aircraft that aren't particularly good (like a scout plane, but slower) but if they're close to the player's spawn, you could skip going into air as early by capturing them to scout with.

It would be pretty cool if fighting in the city meant your units had to drive around buildings unless you destroyed them, and buildings took collateral damage from the fighting around them (absorbing direct fire shots or just being in the radius of AOE weapons). As the match goes on, the buildings get destroyed/reclaimed. you could intentionally send engineers to make a path through the buildings so your units can move easier through them.

And if possible, don't give radar signatures to civilian structures/vehicles as long as they belong to the civilian team. That way, the other team can't see the buildings being reclaimed just by seeing radar signatures change on the map.