How about about rules for stack players?

I almost always notice that some players assemble a lobby where they simulate a ballance, and then play together, I do not know how the faf rules look at the fact that the game was planned in advance and if you are a random player and you enter such a lobby, a certain disbalance scenario turns out. I played in team, where are some friends who had previously won by creating one for 3 players (this is not possible in random) and got a big rating increase. Now I have played with them a couple of times with a balance, and it turns out that they have nothing to do with these rating figures. But for those who play for them and lose, if 1 player of them plays in a party, which is 1500, the rating deduction is significant. Is it possible to somehow revise the policy regarding the stack of players - breaks any balance. I understand friends players but how about real ballance tru rating?
Smurfs get in rules but what about rigged game?
(Stack players out of rules) alt text

global rating is for clowns, you just discovered one reason why

The rating is only as good as the games you play, if your playing gap or astro is a crapshoot

Don't join the game then? Why restrict friends from playing together?

there is a pretty baisc logic behind that thing, you press X in lobby->you've accepted to play with the existing settings

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

locking the topic for obvious reasons as well and no, none gets banned for playing with whoever they want

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: