Authorisation Error

idk what happend but yesterday faf say something like above somebody can help me? client.log

Upload it again, please - there is no file to download.

Have you rebooted your pc in the meantime or reinstalled FAF to make any attempts to fix it?

@magge in other topic i seen that i can try switch my main browser and authorized in other but it not help to me. Reinstalled faf right now but problem still there

idk but i cant drop file with logs there, always error can i do it somehow otherwise?

Very hard to pinpoint the error without knowing your network environment. You can use to share the log as well.

You could try

  • Disable any security software
  • a VPN
  • Disable IP6 for testing purpose

@magge and all of this solution not my situation i think

How do you know that?

Connection reset is the error. Something is wrong on your end with your connection. Something is blocking it.

@magge i add faf in white list in windows defender and its working but so strange that windows not say about it. ty for help ❤