Should the ACU stomp T1 units?

Should the ACU stomp/walk over or through and kill T1 units?

Seeing as the commander is larger than t1 units would it be feasible that it could walk over them and do damage.

Also maybe something allowing the acu to walk through your own t1 units to prevent pathfinding issues such as coms getting stuck?

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@zeldafanboy Lol not me, i was watching a cast of a player much better than me and it just made no sense as to why the acu was being blocked by these tiny little units.

I tried to mod this exact thing (ACU being able to walk over t1 units) but unfortunately there seems to be no way to differentiate between tech level of units in code and ACU could either walk over everything no matter the tech level or over nothing like it does now

I may have missed something though as I didn't really go far into it

@mach said in Could the ACU stomp T1 units?:

unfortunately there seems to be no way to differentiate between tech level of units in code

could you not use the TECH1 category to distinguish the t1 units

Things like the stun effect of aeon t1 bomber only effect certain tech levels how is that done?

from what I remember, what I used was just adding "massive" category to ACUs (which causes crushing) and trying to mess with other unit categories and stomping "weapon" in blueprint to limit it to tech 1 only (given experimentals that are massive don't crush other experimentals for example)

the code for crushing enemy units by walking over them in itself was not available anywhere to rewrite as far as I could tell so my guess was that it is part of closed source engine (like pathfinding etc. is), I think someone even told me so at the time

doesn't mean it is impossible to do though

EDIT: forgot to mention, another thing it caused was that acu ignored collisions with other mobile units, maybe using this and setting damage to 0 (so it still walks though units but doesn't damage them) could be enough to avoid "getting stuck" in swarm of units, problem was once again, it meant all the units, not just t1, so you could walk through a group of percivals the same as over some t1 tanks


making a unit destroy other units by stomping on it can be changed inside the blueprint by adding this to the footprint table:

    Footfall = {
        Damage = {
            Amount = 1500,
            DamageFriendly = false,
            Radius = 1,
            Type = 'ExperimentalFootfall',

There is no category for target. Its just on if the table Damage exist and off without this table.

Different to that is the table for the Aeon T1 Bomber:
The weapon stun buf has this table:

    Buffs = {
            Add = {
                OnImpact = true,
            AppliedToTarget = true,
            BuffType = 'STUN',
            Duration = 1.5,
            Radius = 4.55,
            TargetAllow = 'ALLUNITS',
            TargetDisallow = 'TECH3,EXPERIMENTAL,COMMAND,WALL',

here you can change the target category for allowed and disalowed targets.

And no, you can't just add these two lines to the footprint table, they will be ignored by the engine.

Well i think balance wise it's better to have units block the ACU, as this gives you more tactical options.
Also these units aren't so tiny, they are almost the size of his leg. Some of them a commander could basically stand on.
So stepping on them would carry a significant risk of falling over for the ACU, which would mean your dead, as it's pretty impossible to stand up the way it's build. So also from a logic perspective it makes sense, that an ACU would not want to step on those units.