Pop up to accept the matchup


I've been tricked many times when queuing at ranked matchmaking, because it can take a long time to find a game.
and when it finds it, it throws us straight into it.
But sometimes, after 10min of queuing, I'm no longer in front of the pc, or I'm in another game and I forgot that I had a queue.

What I mean is that it could be good to do like on LoL or CS: GO, a window that pops up when the match is found and that gives us 10 seconds to validate it and enter the match, or to refuse the match.

What do you think?

PS : i had warning cause I didn t connect to multiple matches, cause i was playing another game when the match started and supcom didn t launch reporting a D 3D issue, if i had that popu window, i could ve quit my game before supcom launch, and no more D 3D issue.

PS 2 : sorry for bad english.

This is/was planned but no planned release date

There is a "Pause plz AFK" mod in the vault, that pauses the game and informs the other players, that you are not playing when the game starts.

If I remember correctly it just checks if you do any action with your ACU in the first few seconds, and if not it just pauses the game and says something like "Sorry, I am AFK, please wait" or something like that.

@magge ok ty for the info

But it won't help me much cause 90% i am not afk but I am in another game when it launch supcom, so the game crash and fafclient tell me the match was cancelled cause i can t connect.

I don t know much about programming and how hard it is to add this popup window, but it seems to be the best fix for those issues

Well, then you can try to play in window mode and FAF will automatically foreground the game, when it founds something. It should not crash, just because you play something else.

Ho god, I think you solved my issue!
I always play in window mode when it's aviable but dunno why my settings changed 😕

I put it back and it seems to work now, I didn t test in ranked, I just plannified supcom to launch when i was in a Rocket League match, and it worked well so i guess it s gonna be fine now!

Thanks a lot buddy!

This + the AFK mod and it s perfect!

Is window mode aviable on supcom? it's a pretty old game and I didn t found anything about it so I guess it's not.

ok thx but i mean a borderless window mode?

Also in window mode classic it feels a bit laggy, as if the game was running at 30 fps 😕

search forum for borderless ahk script

disable in your nvidia/radion the limiter for background applications

@M0rPh3u5 https://forum.faforever.com/topic/123/guide-fake-fullscreen-and-optimisation/66
Try out the Launcher, supports single and dual screen borderless fullscreen window mode for FAF.

Never Fear, A Geek is Here!

Thanks a lot i ll check this out!

luv you guys!

"disable in your nvidia/radion the limiter for background applications" I don t have radeon software, I only install the driver. just a habit cause he made me crash several times in the past