Move attack and patrol orders not working as intended. Inconsistent reclaim

Most of the time attack move does absolutely nothing for me. I select an engi, literally click on the icon in the UI and then press somewhere on the ground and my engi will happily move there ignoring absolutely all reclaim on the way. One time I managed to get some reclaim out of it somehow but the engineer only reclaimed trees while completely ignoring big rocks. Using a patrol order on the same area worked as intended. However, even patrol doesn't seem to work every time, I've got several destroyed mexes on the field in my test game, set a patrol order right there but the engi just completely ignores wrecks, move attack doesn't work either. Is it a known bug or am I missing some important detail? Everything seems simple enough, I select an engineer, select the move attack order or patrol order and then press on the ground, and it simply doesn't work.

@naughtygirl The patrol and attack move works absolutely fine for the rest of the faf. I suspect that the mass bar is causing it to not work. There is a condition if your mass bar is like 50% or more is filled then engis wont recalim on autorecalik commands.
P.s I dont know the exact number of when the game decides its time to stop autoreclaim.

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Engineers are smarter than most players and decide to not overflow mass.

Just to confirm and to add some fun facts:

Eng will move to the reclaim point and will start reclaim. He ignores everything in his path. This is intended, also he will stop reclaiming if your storage is full.

If you make a reclaim point from a fab, you will get a 200%+ bigger reclaim radius; And you can even drag*drop the reclaim point to somewhere else to keep the "bigger" reclaim radius.

Patrol should reclaim everything in his way, unless your storage is already full, then he just will patrol. - If something does not work at all, then post a replay with timestamps, please.

If you go to YouTube and search for some FAF tutorials, there are a ton out there, which will improve your rating and understanding by a lot. If you have any further questions, just go ahead.

Edit: Also on Discord is a training channel with ton of info and many Members who will answer any questions.

Thanks for the replies, I completely forgot that engis don't reclaim if the storage is already full. My bad.