The ratio of rating to games

I ran into a couple of times with a problem that, in my opinion, faf is sick of. People who only play unrated games and have 0 games and 0 ratings. My question is whether this is adequate, players enter the map for the first time, not understanding anything in the game and meet a player with 381 games and maybe not 1 account and how to be, rating games are more honest in this regard. Since you can understand the rating, skill and number of games. And then it turns out a beginner comes in and gets the maximum humiliation from some 0.
In my understanding, the number of unrated games should be displayed. (kazbek analytics)
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I am rated 100 in 4 games (i m noob) and played with a 600 vs a 600 and a 1200.
We won pretty easy.

All my other games i am reckt in 6 min vs people rated between 0 and 400.
Is the rating a real thing?

EDIT : I am really bad so I make huge mistakes, maybe that one day my ennemy didn t notice, and my mate was in a holy day 🙂

Try to play that cart with this person u will understand all.

Unranked games are usually completely junk with very little relevance to ranked games or skill.

@jcvjcvjcvjcv Suppose a person plays the same card every day for six months, but there are no +/- in the rating, and in the number of games, if a beginner enters the card, then he is actually raped by a skill player, but the point is not yet, the balance writes adequate numbers , such as 91 or 86, despite the fact that a fairly high number of games have been played there. My opinion is the second account. As for the skill, check it yourself.

Yes, ratings can be distorted by playing the same thing over and over and over again.

Like I am definitely not worth my rating in an open land map.

I got my account banned for the same reason by playing on empty account without rating

@eternal said in The ratio of rating to games:

I got my account banned for the same reason by playing on empty account without rating

Well, the rule is "1 account per person", right?

It would be interesting to show number of unranked games, but... how helpful? For many people it will be survival or Thermo with t3 arty off.

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all ranking system, but what we've got works for the most part for what it's intended for—ranking players that primarily play ranked games.

Lately, I've noticed a large number of low rank players with a small number of games. I ask them if they have a new computer and a new account and some of them agree. So their true rank is masked because they have a new account. Some of these players are really high rank players in disguise. I'm not complaining, just making an observation, so I'm ALWAYS leary of low rank/low game players.